Sunday, 10 August 2014

Review - Jane's Harmony by Ryan Winfield

I love a suprise, especially after a book I pre-ordered nine months ago finally appears on my Kindle app. Jane's Harmony by Ryan Winfield has finally arrived.

Jane and Caleb's story takes off from where we left the couple from Jane's Melody; in Austin, Texas building a new life together, making the best of their current situation. Their lives are far from ideal, Jane having to accept that she isn't the main provider and relying on Caleb to put a roof over their head. Caleb in turn working a day job to pay the rent whilst pursuing his musical aspirations in his spare time. A change of luck enables Caleb to chase his dreams, but in reality he questions the compromises he has to make to achieve them. Meanwhile, Jane is unwavering in her support for the man she loves. Likewise Caleb's only sure feeling is his undying love for Jane.

In addition to our heroine and hero, there's an eclectic cast of supporting of characters. Ryan has a unique way of bringing them all to life, making them real and believable. Never one to shy away from difficult topics, sensitive issues are dealt with in a sympathetic and compassionate way, drawing complex emotions from the characters. This book is well written in a visually descriptive way.

Jane's Harmony can be read as a standalone novel, but to fully appreciate Jane and Caleb's unique story and how they met, I highly recommend Jane's Melody too.

Rated 5* on Goodreads and