Thursday, 2 October 2014

Excerpts & Review: For Richer or For Poorer by Krissy V.

For Richer or For Poorer by Krissy V.
Til Death Do Us Part Series - Book 5

Excerpt 1
I ask for a disaronno and coke and as I take my glass from him I can feel someone watching me. I turn around very slowly and end up staring into the beautiful chocolate brown eyes of Mr Miserable. I hold my breath. He is so fucking hot. I can feel myself starting to blush. The two of us just stand there staring at each other and then I hear Caleb clearing his throat.
"Do you know Meg, Dillon?" I can hear the laughter in his voice as he is talking to him.
"Erm no, Caleb. You've not introduced us." He says smiling at me. He hasn't taken his eyes off me the whole time Caleb is talking to him.
I hold my free hand out for him to shake, but when he takes my hand I feel like I've been hit with a bolt of lightning. I jump and my glass falls out of my hand and smashes on the floor. It all happens in slow motion and I can see it falling. He can see it falling and then when it hits the floor everyone turns to look at us. I'm so embarrassed. "Oh my god I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. God I'm such a klutz." I bend down to pick up the pieces of glass.
"Are you ok? Did you cut yourself?" he says coming closer to me. He bends down so that he is at my height and he starts helping me to pick up the pieces.
"It's fine. Don't pick it up please. I can do it myself." I feel like crying. How come I always make a fool of myself when I want to make a good impression?
He puts a hand on my arm, which makes me jump. "Stop Meg, please let me do it, I don't want you to cut yourself. Please?"
I stop what I'm doing and look up at him. I can feel the heat of his hand on my arm, it's making my heart beat faster. "Ok, but let me go and ask for a dustpan and broom or something" he nods and I stand up. Everyone has moved away and they are not staring anymore. All except for Caleb of course, who looks very smug.
I brush past him, walk up to the bar and explain what happened, someone comes out and starts to clear up the mess.  Dillon is stood up when I walk back over to him but I can see red on his hands. "Oh my god Dillon you've cut yourself, are you ok? I feel so bad now."
I really want to cry. Instead I walk up to him and take his hand. I can see the cut only looks small and before I know what I'm doing I take his cut finger into my mouth and suck hard. I remember doing that as a child to clean a cut and to stop the blood flowing, right?
I hear a moan and a snort at the same time and I'm drawn back to reality. I can't believe I just did that. Dillon is looking at me with so much lust in his eyes, it must have been him that moaned and then I see Caleb with his hand over his mouth and I realise he must have snorted. I instantly drop his hand and I can feel the redness as it slowly crawls up my face.
I am officially mortified. "I'm sorry. Really I'm sorry. I forgot myself there for a moment, I used to do that to myself or to my sister when we cut ourselves. I’m sorry Dillon." I look at the floor because I can't look him in the eye.
"Baby you can do that to me anytime" Dillon laughs. "Thank you, I know you were only trying to help, my finger is fine, it won't fall off." He moves closer to me and takes me into a hug because he can see I'm so embarrassed. As his head is close to my ear I can feel his five o'clock shadow rubbing against my face, that and the heat from his body against mine is making me wet between my legs. Then he whispers in his deep gravelly voice "I wish it was somewhere else I'd cut" and then he pulls me closer and groans.

Except 2 I quickly let go of her and then I turn and run out of the room. She runs after me and before I know what’s happening she rugby tackles me to the floor, I go down with a bang. I didn’t expect that, she sits on me and starts punching me, laughing the whole time. Then she stops hitting me because she is laughing so much.
That’s my cue to move and put her under me. “Now Meg that’s not nice, do I have to tickle you?” She starts moving her head back and forth and she is laughing uncontrollably. She looks so beautiful, I sit back and just look at her and it takes her a few minutes to stop wriggling underneath me. When she does she opens her eyes and looks at me.
What?!” she asks.
I lean forward and kiss her, then when I sit back up I say “I … I like you a lot Meg I really do. I want you so bad right now do you know that?”
She smiles at me and does something that I don’t expect. She reaches out and grabs my cock and squeezes it. “Yes Dillon I can see that” god she is so sarcastic and I love it!
I laugh and stand up and then hold out my hand for her to pull herself up. She takes my hand and then she says “So do I get my reward or are you just going to stand there with your mouth open.” She turns and starts to walk away, then she stops and turns only one shoulder and her head and smiles at me.
I close the gap between us in two strides, then I turn her towards me and lift her up so that she is straddling my waist. “God you do things to me that I’ve never experienced before Meg. You are going to kill me do you know that?” I walk with her straddling me and take her into the bedroom.
I put her down on the bed and lay down next to her. “Meg I am not going to be in work for the next few days I have to go to Plymouth for a few meetings. Can I stay tonight because I’m not ready to leave you yet?”
She smiles at me. “Of course you can Dillon, I didn’t expect you to go home. What would you do with that cock? I can look after that for you.” She pushes me down and then crawls down my body looking up at me as she goes.

This is the fifth book in the Til Death Do Us Part series and For Richer or For Poorer can be read as a standalone. I've not read any other books in the series, so can vouch for that.

Meg turned her back on her family & friends in New York City to find and reinvent herself in England, choosing Bristol as the place to live. A fresh start didn't include meeting a gorgeous man. Best laid plans don't always go accordingly when you meet a guy like Dillon.

What is there not to like about Dillon? He's smart, drop-dead gorgeous with a strong work ethic. He's also particular about what he wants from a woman and the Meg he meets ticks all those boxes. How is he going to react when the woman he is falling in love with, isn't the person she says she is?

Their relationship takes a turn for the worse, when Meg realises that her secret will probably be found out when Dillon goes away on a business trip. Dillon is predictably shaken, when he finds out the woman he has fallen in love with has a secret past.

Overall I enjoyed Meg and Dillon's story, but whilst I was reading this book I felt as though there was something missing. Some scenes were rushed and I struggled to feel any chemistry between the characters. Therefore this was a book I liked, rather than a book I loved. I could tell straightaway that Meg, the heroine was American due to the deliberate use of American English when scenes are written from her point of view, which was a nice touch as the book was written in British English.

3 stars - I received an arc for an honest review.