Wednesday, 24 May 2023

New Release Book Review: Consequence of Their Forbidden Night by Rachael Stewart

Rachael Stewart's latest romance, "Their One Night Baby", is a heart-warming and emotional story about two best friends who cross the line one night and must navigate the consequences of their actions. This novel is a perfect combination of romance, friendship, and unexpected challenges. It's the second book in the Billionaires for the Rose Sisters series.

The story follows Brendan, a successful criminal defence lawyer, and Hannah, his best friend since childhood. Despite their undeniable attraction to each other, they have never acted on their feelings. However, one spontaneous night changes everything. When Hannah reveals that their one night together had caused an unexpected consequence, Brendan's shocked and unsure how to handle the situation…

Ms. Stewart has created two relatable and engaging characters in Brendan and Hannah. Hannah, specifically, shows resilience to conform to what others, including Brendan, believe is the right way to move their relationship forward in a positive way. I loved this about her, and her determination not to compromise. It's a classic case of poor communication between friends who haven't had to question their emotional feelings towards each other before. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their close friendship, exposing their emotions as raw and real. As they navigate the ups and downs of unexpected parenthood, they both grow and mature, learning to trust and rely on each other in new ways.

The plot moves at a good pace, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. The romantic tension between Brendan and Hannah is palpable, and their chemistry is sizzling. The author has done an excellent job of balancing the emotional drama with light-hearted moments and humour.

Overall, "Their One Night Baby" is an enjoyable and satisfying read. It's a story about second chances, unexpected love, and the power of friendship. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a romance novel with a strong emotional core.

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Their friendship is about to get very complicated when his best friend reveals their one spontaneous night had consequences… Find out what happens in the latest Harlequin Romance by Rachael Stewart!

Best friends…

until one night changes it all!

Top criminal defense lawyer Brendan is used to getting everything he wants. The only thing he can’t have? Best friend Hannah Rose. Until one night forbidden passions unexpectedly ignite and the barriers they put in place years ago are impulsively put aside. Now, determined to recover their friendship, Brendan tries to forget about their spontaneous encounter—until Hannah reveals it had consequences…

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Billionaires for the Rose Sisters

Book 1: Billionaire's Island Temptation
Book 2: Consequence of Their Forbidden Night


Friday, 5 May 2023

Review: Wish Upon A Cornish Moon by Amanda James

(from Goodreads)

‘I can see you don’t believe me, girl, but I’m telling you that there’s magic in the moon and that big sea out there.’ Grandma Mary cleared her throat and winked. ‘Dreams come true for them as take those old tales to heart.’ 1938
One midnight in June, 15-year-old Lamorna Williams throws a message in a bottle into the Atlantic at Magic Cove, hoping to meet her one true love – and someone writes back. 1997
On the other side of the world, Lamorna tells her story to her 16-year-old great nephew Ethan inspiring him to do the same. But this time, his message isn’t found for over twenty years… Present day
Single mum, Merrin Pascoe, is told of the legend of Magic Cove. In a moment of madness, Merrin wishes on the moon, and next day she finds a bottle in the sea. Will the cove cast its spell once again… Readers love

Every now and again, a novel surprises me and this one certainly did. It's a pure delight from beginning to end.

The narrative begins with Grandmother Mary and her experience with the local folktale. She shares the details with her granddaughters, Lamorna and Morwenna, telling them how their dreams can come true...if they believe... It's simply to write a message in a bottle and follow the ritual on the Full Moon in June, down at Capel Porth Cove aka Magic Cove. Both young women choose to believe when the time was right for them and succeeded in finding their true love. Therefore, both are eager for the younger generation to embrace the tradition and for them to believe it can work for them too.

I liked how the author manages to weaver the past with the present, as we are introduced to Merrin and Ethan. Both have a tentative connection to the two sisters and how fate has brought them together. Just like those before them, they also have to have hope and faith and a belief that life will allow them to be together. Just like Lamorna and Morwenna, life throws up challenges for the pair to navigate and in the spirit of a happy ending, all turns out well!

Ms. James has written an enchanting story spanning several generations. Set again a mainly Cornish backdrop, we learn about a charming folk tale about how local young women can find a sweetheart if they just believe...

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