Monday, 13 January 2020

Release Day Review: The Man She Married by Alison James

How well do you know your husband?
When Alice Gill sees the little blue line, it’s the happiest moment of her life. But her whole world is turned upside down when the police knock at her door minutes later…
Her husband, Dominic, is dead.
Distraught, Alice goes to identify the body. It’s him. Yet when Dominic’s estranged brother comes to view the coffin, he insists the man lying there is not Dominic Gill.
So who is the man Alison married?
And will his secrets put her life in danger too?
An absolutely gripping psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the last page. If you love Behind Closed Doors, My Lovely Wife and Friend Request, you’ll be hooked on The Man She Married.

The Man She Married by Alison James

I don't read many thriller books, so everyone I do pick up usually surprises me in some way or another. The Man She Married is no exception.

A chance meeting outside a lift leads to a whirlwind romance for Alice after getting swept off her feet by Dominic. A wedding quickly follows but deep down, she feels something isn't quite right.
After a couple of years of marriage, Alice's receives devastating news; her husband is dead. Only it isn't until after she identifies the body, she learns her husband isn't who he said he was.

As I dived into the narrative, I picked up a clue pretty quickly although I didn't realise it… At the time, I wondered about the author's nationality because the use of a couple of words didn't fit a specific character, However, I later learned it's deliberate and very much a part of the story as it unfolds.

Lots of times I felt as if I wanted to shake Alice up and make her question Dominic's behaviour more. His enigmatic background; his excuses for not introducing Alice to his family and friends should have rung alarm bells, only she's naive and mistakenly accepts any excuse he makes.

The ending is unexpected and after a narrative full of twists and turns, it's a satisfying end. The only aspect I thought unnecessary was the epilogue, which I didn't feel added anything worthwhile, but overall, it's a thrilling, fast-paced novel by a new to me author.

***arc generously received courtesy of Bookouture via NetGalley***

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