Sunday, 20 January 2019

Cover Reveal: Lovestrung by Karen Ferry

Title: Lovestrung
Author: Karen Ferry
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
Cover Designer: The Reading Ruth
(The Reading Ruth on Instagram: @thereadingruth)
Publishing Date: 6th August, 2019

Lovestrung. A period of time during which love is pursued but cannot be caught. Results in pining, angst, and a broken heart. 

Penelope “Pippa” Montgomery is lovestrung. Her condition started thirteen years ago, when Ethan Collins came to live with her family. She was only ten, and didn’t understand what romantic love was, but she knew Ethan made her feel special.

They grew close as friends, while Pen yearned for Ethan’s attention and his love, only he never treated her as girlfriend material.

After returning home from a year of world-travel, Pen is reacquainted with Ethan. He’s still kind, gorgeous, and about to start his career as a veterinarian. Pen’s suppressed feelings for sexy Ethan want to make themselves known and he seems to notice she’s not a little girl anymore. In fact, he’s known that for quite some time, but he had his reasons for keeping his distance.

Can Penelope find the courage to tell Ethan how she feels about him, and will she finally break the lovestrung streak and find happiness?

There’s only one way to find out.



Anglophile and bookaholic Karen Ferry is a native of Denmark who loves Italian food, travelling, and spending time with her cool husband and active children. When she’s not busy working in the shipping industry, she dives into New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense – the same genres she loves to write.
She can never get enough of romance or collect too many book boyfriends, either.
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