Friday, 6 November 2020

Book Blog Tour Stop and Author Q & A: Blue Skies by Alana Oxford

Ellesea: I'd like to thank Alana Oxford for taking the time to answer the following questions.

Q. We're currently in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. What five things are helping to improve your quality of life at this difficult time?

Great question!

1.I discovered Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and her videos are so calming
and refreshing. I highly recommend them.

2. I try to take walks or at least get outside to relax and just breathe for a little bit.

3. It can be hard to concentrate, but reading good books has also been very helpful.

4. I make sure I hug my husband and kids every day and we laugh about something together every day. Even if someone just tells a silly dad joke, we laugh together and that makes a huge difference.

5. Now that the weather is cooling, a hot cup of tea to start my day is a relaxing ritual.

Q. Do you have pets, if so, what?

I have a cat named Daisy. She has beautiful green eyes and she’s mostly orange and black with dainty white “socks.”

Q. Who in the writing world is your greatest influence?

Michael Lawrence has been a huge influence on my writing career and has also become a treasured friend. I also think Kiley Dunbar is amazing.

Q. Describe your perfect day.

That’s a lovely question to think about.

My favorite place in the world is Oxford, England. I would love to wake up there, on a sunny day, and just wander through town drinking in the history and the beauty of the architecture. A picnic lunch in Christ Church meadow with a view of Tom Tower would be perfect. Punting down the River Cherwell, (with someone else doing the hard work!) A live Shakespeare play in the evening, on the lawn of one of the colleges is hard to beat for evening entertainment.

Q. What project are you working on currently?

I’m going through edits on a contemporary romance about an American librarian and a Scottish artist who share an adorable meet cute at the library.

I’ve worked in libraries since I was sixteen years old. This particular story is loosely based on the true life love story of one of my former co-workers. I got to watch her real life romance play out from the day a handsome New Zealander walked into the building and asked her how he could get a library card. It was love at first sight. They always said I should write a book about them one day. Now I’m finally doing it.

Blue Skies by Alana Oxford

Life isn't always a walk in the park, but when Patrice takes her Pomeranians to the park after a rough day at the office, fate steps in. An unlikely hero comes to the rescue when one of her dogs gets loose. Short, pale, and kind of cute, Seth doesn't have a lot of confidence with the ladies, but he hits it off with Patrice.

But some things might be too good to be true. While Patrice wonders if Seth could possibly be "the one", fate steps in again with a horrible twist. Will it be a deal breaker or just a storm before bright blue skies?

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Alana Oxford is a Michigan author of romcoms, sweet romance, and humorous women's fiction. She wants her stories to bring sunshine and smiles to her readers. She enjoys improv comedy, moody music, everything book related, and has an ongoing love affair with the United Kingdom.

Twitter: @AlanaOxford