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Release Day Blitz: Last Chance by L.P. Dover

One last chance.

That’s all Luke Collins, local bad boy and motocross champion, has to not only find his redemption, but win back the girl he lost. He’ll stop at nothing to make her his, even if it means playing dirty.
Lara Jacobs doesn’t want her heart broken again and refuses to give Luke a second chance. After he left her after their one night stand, she ran right into the arms of her close friend, Grayson Moore. He’s always loved her, and he’s determined to make her see he’s what she needs.

However, in life nothing goes as planned and tragedy strikes. After a fatal accident nearly claims Lara’s life, she’s left inside a world she can’t remember. Her memories are gone, including those of the men vying for her heart. Grayson sees her loss as a possibility to forget her love for Luke, but Luke sees it as an opportunity to start over. All he wants is one last chance to show her that she’s the one he’s been in love with all along.

*** An updated version of One Taste has been included in Last Chance with all new scenes. I highly recommend reading it again. ***

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Why can’t I go in there and tell her I’m sorry? She needs to hear it from me.”
No, she doesn’t because she won’t believe it. You need to do a lot more than tell her you’re sorry. Actions speak louder than words. And until you can show everyone you’ve changed, it’s best you stay away from her. It’ll only make things worse.”
What if I go in there anyway?” I questioned, crossing my arms over my chest. I didn’t want to fight Evan, but I was getting desperate. I needed her forgiveness, for her to know I never meant to hurt her.
Evan huffed and closed his eyes. “You’ll have to go through me first. Lara doesn’t want to see you. She’s with someone else now.”
It was as if someone had sucker punched me in the gut, the air being ripped out of my lungs as I took the hit. Summer groaned and I glared at her. “Is that true?”
Yes, but I don’t see how that is any of your business. She’s happy, so leave her be.”
Fuck that,” I shouted. “I’m going inside.” I tried to push past Evan, but he blocked me. We faced off with each other, the tension rising.
Summer stepped between us with a hand on each of our chests. “Guys, this is stupid. You’re friends.”
I scoffed and backed away. “That’s where I beg to differ,” I said, glaring at Evan. “If our situations were reversed and it was Summer inside, I’d let you go to her. I would give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that you’ve changed. But you’re not going to do that, are you?”
Evan’s face softened and he sighed. “I would, brother, but this night is special for Summer and Lara. The last thing they need is you and Grayson battling it out. I have no doubt he’ll come after you if you go in there.”
I faltered, the anger welling in my chest. “Fucking Grayson? That’s who she’s with?”
Can you blame her? He was there for her, after everything you put her through,” Summer said.
Peering down at her, I hoped she could see the determination in my face. “You tell her it’s not over. I’m not going to give up.” With those final words, I jumped in my truck and sped out of the parking lot. The thought of Grayson touching her made me so goddamn furious. I didn’t care if she was with him . . . I wasn’t going to give up.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can’t forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols.

Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written countless novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed and Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

New Release Spotlight: Meant To Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Loving him was hard. Wanting him was so damn easy . . .
Sofia Mercer may have been sick as a teen, but she’s no delicate flower. And she’s proven it by making it on her own and starting a new life away from the town that turned against her, away from the boy who broke her already fragile heart. But when her aunt Luz dies unexpectedly, leaving Sofia with a mountain of regrets and the keys to a quirky boutique, Sofia has no choice but to return to Cape Cod. Only, this new life in her old town comes with complications.
Burke Wolf was Sofia’s first love—a relationship that burned bright and went up in flames. Seeing him again, Sofia can’t help but get caught up in that all-too-familiar tornado of passion and pain. He’s battled his own demons—that much is clear. But Sofia can’t afford to be careless with her heart . . . and loving Burke again might just break it completely.

 “The scar,” she said, taking control of a situation that had her feeling as though she were disconnected from gravity, “is here.” Taking his hand, she placed it between her breasts. The gnarled and knotted scar tissue tingled at his pressure and heat.
“Sofia…know what you’re doing?”
Glancing up, she found him watching her. Closer than even his touch was his gaze on hers. It might’ve singed her, if she weren’t so cold to begin with. “I’m showing you my scar. You’re going to look with your hands, not your eyes. Okay?”
“Okay,” he said solemnly, taking what she could spare.
“And it goes down, like this,” she continued, guiding his hand along the path of the scar. Heat built, curling the edges of the old hurt they’d caused each other.
He put her arms at her side, said something against her ear.
“Full circle?” she echoed.
“We went from me just wanting to sleep with you, to being friends, to hating each other.”
Burke’s hands skimmed her neck, found her shoulders, traced her scar. One hand, then the other, then—oh, God—his fingers splayed and he cupped her breasts.
Sofia felt her eyes slide shut as he squeezed her flesh, but they opened again when he teased her nipples and drew a moan from her bourbon-flavored lips. She’d never known trouble could touch her like this, make her feel like this. “You’re back to just wanting to sleep with me? Is that all you’re after, Burke? Because if it’s not”—her arms swung out to hook around his neck—“then we haven’t come full circle at all.”

Lisa Marie Perry encounters difficult fictional men and women on a daily basis. She writes sizzling, deep fiction featuring flawed heroes brought to their knees by the love of complicated women. She has received high praise from USA Today and has been nominated for an RT Book Reviews literary award. She lives in America's heartland, drives a truck, enjoys indie rock, collects Medieval literature, watches too many comedies, has a not-so-secret love for lace and adores rugged men with a little bit of nerd.
For laughs, randomness and occasional inappropriateness, visit LMP at www.perrytalebooks.com.



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