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New Release Spotlight: Foolproof Love by Katee Robert

by Katee Robert

Adam Meyer survived bucking broncos and the rough and tumble rodeo life, but can he survive coming home and falling in love with Jules Rodriguez? Foolproof Love is the first novel in the brand new series, Foolproof Love from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Katee Robert and Entangled Publishing.  

Title: Foolproof Love
Author: Katee Robert
Series: Foolproof Love #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 6, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Print Length: 50,000 words
Format: Paperback and Digital

Bull rider Adam Meyer put Devil’s Falls in his rearview mirror years ago and hasn’t stopped running since. Now he’s back—temporarily, if he has any say about it. Restless, he finds himself kissing the sexiest girl in town…and agreeing to be the fake boyfriend in her little revenge scheme.
Jules Rodrigez isn’t interested in the role of town spinster. Being seen with a hell raiser like Adam is the perfect way to scandalize the residents, make her ex jealous, and prove she’s a sexy, desirable woman. And if their plan includes ridiculously hot sex—in public, of course—all the better.
But this thing between them has an expiration date. Putting down roots isn’t in Adam’s blood, and Jules’s roots in Devil’s Falls are bedrock deep. He’ll leave, even if it rips out his heart. But this time, he’s not sure he’ll survive it…

That’s really sweet, Grant. It was great seeing you, but my boyfriend is waiting for me.”
He frowned. “Boyfriend?”
Oh, yeah, it’s a new thing. We haven’t exactly gone public with it—you know how Devil’s Falls can be—so you wouldn’t have heard.” She gave him a pat on his arm. “It was nice seeing you. So great. Really, we’ll have to catch up sometime soon.” And then she stepped around him, dragging Aubry behind her.
What are you doing?” Aubry whispered.
Winging it.” She stopped by the trio of men, all too aware of Grant watching her. “Hi, Daniel. Quinn. Adam.” They raised their beers.
Daniel looked over her shoulder with a frown. “Is that your piece-of-shit ex-boyfriend I see?”
The very one.” She disentangled her arm from Aubry’s. “Speaking of, I need a favor.”
Anything for you, kid.”
She tried not to roll her eyes at him calling her kid. He was a whole seven years older than her. Not exactly ancient. “Actually, it’s not you I need the favor from.” Before she could talk herself out of it, she sidled up to Adam and put her arms around his neck. To his credit, he didn’t shove her on her butt in the dirt, merely raising his eyebrows. Jules kept her voice low so there was no chance of Grant overhearing. “So as you’ve noticed, my ex is watching me really closely right now, and I might have told him a tiny white lie about me dating someone in order to avoid a devastating dose of humiliation. And since I can’t date Daniel and no one would ever believe I’d date Quinn—”
The man in question frowned. “You really know how to hit a man where it hurts, Jules.”
“—that leaves you.”
Adam’s face remained impassive. “I see.”
There wasn’t a whole lot to work with in those words, but he also had let his free hand drift down to settle on her hip, so she just kept talking. “If you could just play along and maybe kiss me like you want to do filthy things to me in the bed of your truck, I’d really appreciate it.”
If anything, his eyebrows rose higher. “That guy really got under your skin, didn’t he?”
You have no idea.” Next to them, Daniel made a sound suspiciously like a growl, but neither of them looked over. Adam’s hand pulsed on her hip, the heat of it shocking despite the warmth of the night. His calluses dragged over the sensitive skin bared by her T-shirt, and she shivered. Maybe this was a terrible idea. She didn’t have time to really reconsider, though, because he set down his beer, cupped the back of her neck, and dealt her the single most devastating kiss of her life.
No, not a kiss.
He took possession of her mouth, his tongue tracing the seam of her lips and then delving inside. He tasted of beer and something darker, something that hinted at exactly what she’d asked for—like he wanted to do filthy things to her in the bed of his truck. She closed her eyes, giving his tongue a tentative stroke, and had to fight down a moan at the way the move made her entire body go tight. More.
He lifted his head, breaking the kiss and slamming her back into the real world. She blinked up at him, all too aware of her body pressed against the entirety of his, of how he was hard in all the places she was soft, of how goddamn good he smelled. “Wow.”
There went that eyebrow again. “You think it was believable?”

The Foolproof Love series continues…
Fool Me Once August 1, 2016
Aubry Kaiser doesn’t like people—actually, that’s not right. She loathes people. Combine that with her crippling anxiety around crowds and she’s in a mess when she gets an exclusive invitation to play a demo of her favorite video game, Deathmatch…which will be held at a convention with five thousand other people. The only solution? Bring someone else with her to the con to act as a shield—and unfortunately the only person available is the one man she can’t stand. Quinn.

Quinn Baldwyn is in a mess of his own. He’s been dodging his family’s matchmaking attempts for years, but with his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he’s in need of a shield of his own. Who better to drive off any potential marriage-seeking women than the fire-breathing dragon known as Aubry?

Things start to go sideways almost immediately when Quinn’s truck breaks down, forcing them to spend a seriously hot night in a B&B. They might barely be able to hold down a civil conversation, but in bed those fireworks are only the good kind. The closer they get to Napa Valley and Quinn’s sister’s wedding, the more he realizes that he might actually…like Aubry. But can two polar opposite people from completely different worlds ever really connect outside of mind-blowing orgasms? 

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

Book Blast: Planning For Love by Ellen Butler

Planning for Love
Love, California Style #2
By: Ellen Butler
Released January 26, 2015
Crimson Romance

Poppy Reagan is a Type A personality who runs her professional life with the precision of a Swiss watch. After catching her latest boyfriend cheating, she decides it’s time to take her dating life as seriously as she does her business. She swears off the bad boys and strategically maps out a plan to find an honest, attractive man to become her life partner.

As she works her way through a summer of dates ranging from crazy to plain boring, she begins to wonder if her soulmate’s even on the same coast. Her foolish emotional spirit secretly yearns for the sexy Ohio dermatologist she met on a trip to Hawaii last year. The one who she insists is “just a friend,” because she refused to engage in a long-distance relationship.

Will her heart overrule her head and move this California girl to the Midwest?

Planning for Love is a 2016 InD'tale RONE Finalist in the Chick Lit Category

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You’re behind the times.”
Probably so. I’m not much on technology. My phone is four years old and I’m told it’s considered a dinosaur. So, how have the computer dates been going?”
I stared at the green lip on the coffee cup. “I’ve just started.”
He snorted, “That well?”
I allowed the silence to speak for me.
Sorry. I’m not usually such a jerk. I’m out of my element.”
What is your element?”
His eyes narrowed and his jaw muscles worked. “You like adventure?”
I lifted a shoulder. “Sure. Who doesn’t like an adventure?”
You have anywhere you need to be in the next, say…” he studied his watch, “three hours?”
My curiosity piqued. “Three hours? Not in particular.”
He ducked under the table to glance at my crossed legs. “You wouldn’t happen to carry a pair of boots or tennis shoes in your car?”
I have a gym bag. Yoga pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt, shoes, socks.” I rattled off, listing each one by finger.
A well prepared woman, I love it.” He rose and held out his hand. “C’mon, let’s get your stuff.”
I need gym gear for a three hour breakfast?”
That’s right, I promised you breakfast. Wait here.”
Campbell sauntered over to the counter and perused the glass case of pastries. He exchanged conversation with the barista behind the counter and pointed to different confections, and I turned back to the table to gather my materials.
All set.” He held the bag aloft.
I rose, shouldering my tote and grasping my coffee like a lifeline.
What the hell am I doing?
It’s an adventure; you said you were up for an adventure.
Yes, but I hardly know this guy.
Just go with it.
As my subconscious argued with itself, Cambell held the door for me. “Where’s your car?”
I lucked out. Street parking, around the corner.”
That’s me, right there.” He indicated a black four door jeep with a hard top, big knobby wheels and splashes of dirt fanned along the sides.
Okay, why don’t you stay here, I’ll drive round the block and follow you.”
No need. Let’s get your stuff, I’ll drive.”
My head moved from side to side. “I don’t think so. I’d feel more comfortable if I followed you.”
It’s about forty-five minutes away.”
Fine,” he sighed. “We’ll take your car.”
Hold up,” I placed a hand on his chest. “I’m not getting in a car alone with a stranger.”
A light bulb went on. “Ah. I see. Did you read this in a dating handbook? You’re right. You shouldn’t get into a car with a stranger, except, I’m not a stranger. We were introduced through mutual friends.”
First, Erika and Neil, though very nice people, are not my friends. They’re clients, and I’ve only known them a few days. Second, you’re much larger and stronger than me. It wouldn’t take much to overpower me, steal my car, and leave me stranded along the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.”
Hey, I offered to drive.” He ran his hand through his hair, tucking it behind his ears.
I frowned.
Okay, okay. I get it. Here’s what we’re gonna to do. Who’s on speed dial on your phone?”
Why does that matter.”
He rolled his eyes and sighed, “Work with me. Who’s on speed dial?”
Office co-workers, best friends, my mom…”
Who’s expecting to see you soon?”
That would be either Sierra my assistant, or Cody an account manager.”
Call one of them, and tell her you’re going to Malibu for an adventure. Then take a photo of me and text it to her. Tell her if she doesn’t hear from you in three hours to call the police and turn me in.”
Hmm…it’s a thought.”
Here,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, deftly flicking it open.
I sucked in a breath.
He laid the sharp end in his palm and offered the handle to me. “You can hold onto this for security. If I make any false moves you have my permission to gut me with it.”
A passerby eyed the knife and scuttled quickly through a neighboring shop door.
Oh, for the love of Pete. Put that thing away,” I hissed. “We’ll do the photo thing. Say cheese.” I held up my phone and clicked a photo.

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Ellen Butler is an award winning novelist living in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy, and her history includes a long list of writing and editing for dry but illuminating professional newsletters, and windy papers on public policy. The leap to novel writing was simply a creative outlet for Ellen’s over active and romantic imagination to run wild. She is an admitted chocoholic and confesses to a penchant for shoe shopping
Planning for Love won The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Award for Romantic Comedy and you can find the entire Love, California Style trilogy on Amazon and other major eBook retailers. Book club questions for Ellen’s novels can be found on her website.

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Book Blitz: Hot As Hell by Julie Ann Walker

Hot as Hell
Deep Six Series #0.5
By: Julie Ann Walker
Released June 1st, 2016
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Blurb for HOT AS HELL
An exciting prequel novella to New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker's thrilling new Deep Six series
Harper Searcy didn't want to fall for a soldier, but she couldn't forget her hot Navy SEAL friend or their one night stand. When the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan where she works comes under attack by terrorists, there is only one man she knows who would move heaven and earth to rescue her: Michael "Mad Dog" Wainwright.
"The Deep Six series is going to be one exhilarating ride." -RT Book Reviews

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Deep Six Series #2
Julie Ann Walker
Releasing July 5th, 2016
Sourcebooks Casablanca

The former SEALs of The Deep Six return in a sizzling series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker.

Maddy Powers's life revolves around cocktail parties, political fundraisers, and charity events - but she can't forget the daring former SEAL who appropriated her father's yacht a few months ago ... or the scorching kiss they shared before he disappeared into the deep blue sea.

Bran Pallidino carries a dark secret behind his lady-killer eyes - one that keeps him from pursuing a serious relationship with Maddy. But when she's taken hostage during a trip to the Dry Tortugas, the men of Deep Six Salvage drop their treasure hunt for a sunken galleon and embark on a dangerous mission to save Maddy.

As they fight her merciless kidnappers, they discover this isn't a simple hostage situation, but something far more sinister. Passion boils between Bran and Maddy, but what good is putting their hearts on the line if they don't survive the dawn?

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Pre-order DEVIL AND THE DEEP, and win a Book Boyfriend Koozie

Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Bookseller's Best Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award. Her books have been described as "alpha, edgy, and downright hot." Most days you can find Julie on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

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