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New Book Release Spotlight with an Extract: Return To Cornwall by Laura Briggs

Return to Cornwall by Laura Briggs

The sequel novel to the best-selling UK series A WEDDING IN CORNWALL brings new surprises, romance, humor, and wedding bells, to readers who fell in love with the first stories.

Busy mother of two Julianne Rose has extended her talents beyond the manor house, opening her own event planning agency with the help of no-nonsense best friend Kitty. Balancing the chaos of daily life with their respective careers in their beloved Cornish village means Julianne can rarely snatch a romantic moment with handsome husband Matt. And just when it seems things couldn’t get any more chaotic, a sudden arrival at Cliffs House lands Julianne in the most unusual event of her career.

The reappearance of Percy or ‘the old earl’ after years of adventures abroad has temporarily shocked Lord William and Lady Amanda and set the entire village abuzz with gossip. Grizzled, spry, and delightfully eccentric, he’s returned with a most unusual set of traveling companions: an archaeological team digging in a spot whispered to have ties with the legendary Camelot. But it’s Percy’s ties with a certain charming woman among its team that has everyone taken by surprise, along with the news of their soon-to-be nuptials.

Tasked with planning the big day, Julianne and Kitty spring at this opportunity despite its rushed timeline and their own woes regarding the renovation of their future event space. But as the big day rolls closer for the earl and his bride-to-be – with cakes and wedding flowers competing with pottery shards and an ancient warrior chieftain’s grave for attention -- are there still surprising revelations to come?

Adding to the excitement is the return of former Cliffs House maid Gemma, whose posh new life as a novelist may not be all it seems … and Dinah visits in a flurry of festive baking for a holiday competition on everyone’s favorite baking show. Kitty’s life is in a tizz regarding both family and secrets … and Julianne’s happy marriage is challenged by an unwelcome sexy-and-persistent suitor among the summer visitors.

Filled with old friends, new adventures, and heartwarming Cornish charm, RETURN TO CORNWALL is an all-new, full-length novel—the first one ever to feature the characters from the original series!

Thanks so much to Ellesea for letting me share an extract from my newest book Return to Cornwall with her lovely readers! It continues the adventures of event planner Julianne and her friends in a sleepy Cornish village, first introduced in my series ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’. In the scene below, Julianne shares a secret with her friend and business partner Kitty about a potential new client for their shop.

"Percy did tell me something strange," I said to Kitty. "I don't know what to make of it. He's keeping it secret from the family for now, and I feel weird knowing he told me before them. I don't know how I'll feel about facing Amanda until he does."
His confidence had become a big rock tucked in my pocket after tea at the manor. I wished that Percy had waited to talk to me after he talked to his lady love — who, for all I knew, had other plans in life that would lead to a big 'no.'
"Why'd he tell you?" Kitty perched her weight against the table's edge.
I was the one who shrugged this time. "Because he said I'm trustworthy," I said. "He said Lady A respects me as a colleague and as a friend, and that he could ask my help without worry."
"Professionally?" said Kitty. She arched one eyebrow. I said nothing.
"You don't have to say," she continued, since I was silent. "But it's a bit pointless for him to say it, unless that's why."
"Come on. You know I can't tell you since even Will doesn't know and it's his own grandfather." I sighed. "I don't know if it changes anything for them, or if you're right, and he's just nuts."
"Fine. Don't tell me. But you know I'd never tell another living soul." She popped the last bite of sticky bun in her mouth.
"Even Nathan?" I challenged.
"Especially Nathan. You heard him. He's a right gossip in the business world, and he's still a bit naive about this place after all these years. I wouldn't trust him with a deep secret as far as I could toss this mug." A touch of scorn in her voice. "It's almost as bad as telling my mum something."
"Not quite that bad. But I get what you're saying," I said. "I still can't tell you, though. Except that if he asks for my help, I'll probably need yours, so it's for the best that you're not going on holiday to the Spanish beaches." There was no way I'd plan an off-the-cuff wedding for the earl and his bride, no matter how eccentric the ceremony.
"Unless he's planning a surprise party for his return, there's only one thing he'd care about having an event planner for," said Kitty. "That's big enough to keep a secret, in my book. "
I wasn't planning to tell another living soul about this, not Matthew, not even a friend as good as Kitty. But she'd as good as guessed, as I could see by looking in her face, making me sorry I'd brought it up. Or maybe I wasn't, because this was what I wanted on a subconscious level — another person to carry the burden. And nobody was the steel fortress of secrets that Kitty was.
"Who is she?" said Kitty.
"Who's who?" I feigned innocence.
A scornful noise from the back of Kitty's throat was her reply. I surrendered.
"I have no idea," I said. "The secret went as far as asking if I was available this summer, since he can't burden the family with extra work, given how busy they are — and with little Charlotte getting closer by the day."
I puffed out my cheeks with a slow sigh. Kitty picked a splinter off the table's roughest edge. We exchanged glances afterwards, two smiles that sealed the secret as just between us.
"A girlfriend for the earl," she said, musing aloud. "Probably twenty-five, sun-baked, and hoping the manor's still a property up for grabs, do you think?"
"Maybe she's a senior tourist from one of those African safaris."
Kitty quirked her eyebrow in a way that suggested there wasn't the slightest chance. But she hadn't heard the earl's speech on beauty running deeper than the typical model of perfection, which left me clinging to a slim hope that it wasn't a leggy, perky, history student-turned-summer volunteer, as if I didn't know the odds already.
We both reached the point of a giggle to be stifled. The door rolled open and Nathan appeared, a bundle of old tarps that looked worse for wear under his arm. "What did I miss?" he asked, a smile creeping around his lips.
"Men," said Kitty, shaking her head. She took the tarp's edge, helping him fold it into a square.
"What?" He still looked mystified.
"Nothing," I assured him. "Just the two of us being silly because you were gone so long."

Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller 'A Wedding in Cornwall'. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.

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