Friday, 12 June 2020

New Release Spotlight & Review: One Day in Summer by Shari Low

One Day In Summer by Shari Low

Coming soon from #1 bestseller Shari Low, an emotional roller-coaster, that keeps you guessing...

One day in summer, three lives are about to change forever.

After two decades of looking after others, this is the day that Agnetha McMaster is reclaiming her life. It's her turn, her time but will she have the courage to start again?

Ten years ago, Mitchell McMaster divorced Agnetha and married her best friend, Celeste. Now he suspects his second wife is having an affair. This is the day he’ll discover if karma has come back to bite him.

Thanks to a DNA test, this is the day that Hope McTeer will finally meet her biological father. But will the reunion bring Hope the answers that she’s looking for?

Three people. Twenty-four hours. A lifetime of secrets to unravel.

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If you find the blurb to One Day in Summer enticing, I can assure you, the novel is even more intriguing as life-changing revelations are exposed to three people on 30th May 2020!

It's Agnetha "Aggs" McMaster's birthday. For the owner of The Ginger Sponge, It's a day for new beginnings; a time to start thinking of her own well-being and happiness after spending twenty years as a mother, carer, and a business owner. She's the one-time girl who had a zest for life but lost her sparkle a long time ago, but now, on her forty-fifth birthday, she has an important announcement to make. Only, fate steps in and over the course of the day, shocking facts are revealed, not only to her but her ex-husband and Hope McTeer. By 
midnight, their outlooks on life offer a very contrasting landscape to the one they woke up to.

I had the luxury of having the time to read this book in one sitting. It's one of those novels which instantly hooks you in and can't let go of. The timeline is short and told from differing points of view, as we follow the lives of the protagonists as their day progresses. Additionally, many secondary characters are introduced, who all play important roles in the lives of Aggs, Mitchell and Hope. It sounds confusing, but actually, Ms Low presents a well-written format, so even a reader like myself can keep fully abreast of who's who. Fascinating details are packed into the narrative as each hour of the day passes as new insights are revealed. The outcome wasn't a surprise to me, however, the author has planted red herrings, making me pause for thought; second-guessing my gut instinct.

The story covers a spectrum of emotions from deceit and regret to love and hope. A the end of the day, three people finally have the answers to questions they've been waiting for and ultimately creates a more than satisfying conclusion.

Overall, One Day In Summer is a fabulous page-turner, with a place on my personal top-ten favourites for 2020! and lastly, an introduction to a new "must-read" author for me.

***arc generously received courtesy of Boldwood Books via NetGalley***

Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In Winter and My One Month Marriage and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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