Friday, 15 March 2019

Release Day and Review: Waiting For You by Claudia Connor

WAITING FOR YOU by Claudia Connor
Second in the McKinney/Walker Series (and technically the 5th in the McKinney Brothers Series since the two series are so closely related and readers get a much needed fix of the McKinney men in the Walker books) 
Nick Walker -FBI - Worth Wait
Zach Walker -firefighter - Waiting For you
Luke Walker -army ranger- coming soon
Dallas Walker- undercover cop- coming soon

When ER nurse Nora Sellers is hurt in a hospital scuffle, firefighter Zach Walker blames himself. Blaming himself is nothing new. He’s been blaming himself for years for the trauma his baby sister endured as a teenager. Though with his happy–go–lucky attitude no one would know it. He’s good at his job, he’s a good brother, and a good friend, but Zach decided long ago he wasn’t husband and father material.
Even so, when Zach learns Nora is a single mother with a house that needs his help, he can’t walk away. After a few days with Nora and her ten month old son, he knows he doesn’t want to.
But Nora’s wary. She learned at a young age that the only person she can count on is herself. Now with a baby, a job, and a fixer–upper house, the last thing Nora wants is a sexy firefighter, making her heart flutter. But Zach is more than what he seems, and the more she gets to know him the harder he is to resist.
She’s been brave all her life. Can she be brave one more time and take a chance of a lifetime with her heart?

Zach Walker has been happy with his carefree life but recently felt something wasn't right. With his older brother happily married, he was beginning to think something was missing, yet despite having an endless stream of female admirers he never wanted to make a connection permanent, until he literally bumps into a nurse at the hospital. He's instantly smitten, but what now?

Nora Sellers doesn't have time for a relationship. With an exhausting job as an ER nurse and a ten-month-old son to care for, there aren't enough hours in the day to have a relationship too. Besides, she needs to fix up her house. When she crashes in firefighter, Zach Walker, she's instantly attracted but how can she find time for someone like him around her hectic life?

A definite feel-good vibe is present within this novel as the narrative flows beautifully. The protagonists are perfect for each other, with a mutual understanding of the commitment required for their chosen careers. Still, nothing worthwhile in life is easy and for Zach, who has always kept everything in his life temporary and Nora, who from an early age learned the only person to rely on was yourself; changing mindset to form a loving, supportive relationship isn't something easily achieved. Life proves them both wrong and results in a satisfying happy ever after.

Anyone who has read any of Ms Connor's books will appreciate the details she adds to her current stories to include updates and titbits of gossip about characters which have already featured in books of their own. With the inclusion of the McKinney and now the Walker clan there's always plenty of uplifting and engaging details. However, this, like the other novels are standalone so this author's novels are enjoyable for any reader who loves a heart-warming romance.

***arc generously received courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley***

She raised a hand before he could speak. “Stop. You don’t have to take care of me. Really sweet, but my arm’s not going to hurt any more at the store than it does here.”
He looked at her for a long beat then decided to give in. “I have a sister, so I know when to stop arguing. I’ll come by tomorrow to put in the smoke detectors.”
“Anything else?”
“No. Well,” she said. “There is one thing I can’t do one handed, and it’s making me sweat.
Zach’s gaze swung back to hers. A feeling shot through him like spark along a wire, and he couldn’t have looked away to save himself.“My hair.” He cleared his throat. “Your hair?”
“Yeah. Do you think you could put it up for me? Doesn’t matter how it looks, but it’s starting to drive me crazy.”
“Okay. I can try.”
She held up her right hand, and he saw the black hair band on her wrist. He pulled it off and stood in front of her then watched her bend forward at the waist until her hair hung down and her shirt rode up in the back, revealing a few inches of bare skin above her shorts.
“Just kind of gather it up,” she said.
He slid his palms over the silky strands until he had it gathered together. He kept going over her scalp and down to the ends, using one hand then the other, liking the feel of it. He had no idea what to do next. His heart jerked and jumped, and he hated the sensation. He preferred things calm, easy.
“You might have to get closer. Maybe stand beside me, kind of.” She slowly straightened, and he held onto the ponytail in his hand. “Okay. Now just tie it. Go around once then again and pull it halfway through. Perfect.”
“So that’s how you do it,” he said, taking in the half-twisted hairdo. “I always wondered.” And he wondered—just for a second—what that mouth of hers might taste like. If it would be as soft as it looked.
“Yep, that’s how we do it.” She gave her head a little shake, and his hairdo held. “Thank you. It makes the world at least twenty degrees cooler.”
Speak for yourself, Zach thought and figured now was a good time to leave.