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Book Publication Day Spotlight and Review: JoJo's French Escape by Lorraine Wilson

JoJo’s French Escape by Lorraine Wilson

‘She had me at Bonjour! Warm, funny, deliciously French…this lovely story filled my heart with sunshine’ Jane Linfoot
Imagine yourself in beautiful France with the sun warm on your face and a glass of wine in your hand…Jojo’s French Escape is the perfect summer read!
Trapped in paradise…
For twelve months JoJo Grant has been hiding from a secret too shameful to share.  And whilst her sanctuary might be the beautiful French countryside, JoJo has a horrible feeling that her peace is about to be shattered…because bursting into her life is the hottest celebrity chef around – Callum O’Connor.
Callum knows all about JoJo’s past, her time as a reality star, the scandal that has dogged her, but he isn’t sure why she’s still hiding?  After spending time with Jojo, it’s obvious to him that she has nothing to be ashamed of – she just needs to be a little braver…
But as much as JoJo likes Callum, he thrives on the glare of the outside world.  Can JoJo let go of her past…with Callum by her side?

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I first got to know JoJo in Christmas at the Château, book 2 in the French Escape series. Now, we find get to find out why she came to France and what happens next! 

Sex in the Suburbs reality T.V. series gave JoJo her fifteen minutes of fame but it came at a huge personal cost. One sex tape later, she's hiding in Southern France trying to rebuild her life, after leaving her bakery business in the UK. When Irish celebrity chef, Callum O'Connor turns up, lustful sparks fly between them. However, T.V. producers in the UK want JoJo to be part of a new reality spin-off show...along with her ex Aiden and his girlfriend. Is the sexy chef the reason her whereabouts have been uncovered, or is his presence at the Château a coincidence? 

Oh my, this novel is sexy and the chemistry between JoJo and Cal is off the scale. As a couple, their physical attraction is instantaneous, their sexy trysts are frequent, however, there's nothing gratuitous in their loved-up scenes as it merely reflects how they are as a couple. 

Cal is the perfect partner for JoJo; he's wise, "deep" with his thoughts and has an ability to make JoJo see her situation from a different perspective. He's also using his time in France to re-evaluate his own past like JoJo, but will they feature in each other's future? 

For those who have read either of the previous books in the series, you'll be happy to catch up with Poppy and Leo, as their wedding gets closer and plans for the château begin to take shape. 

My only "tiny" gripe is about the dogs… there are many, very cute but I felt they stole a bit too much of the limelight away from their humans. Although in kleptomaniac Flump's defence, he plays a useful role at the perfect time! Saying that, if you love adorable dogs, you'll love them all!

Overall, another well thought out and written novel by Ms Wilson set against a beautiful backdrop with relatable and likeable characters and a pleasurable ending.

***arc generously received courtesy of One More Chapter via NetGalley***

Lorraine Wilson writes flirty, feel-good fiction for One More Chapter - a Harper Collins imprint - and is unashamedly fond of happy endings. She loves hearing from readers and feels incredibly grateful to be doing the job she always dreamt of.

She splits her time between the South of France and Cambridgeshire and is usually either writing or reading while being sat on, walked over or barked at by one of her growing band of rescue dogs.

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New Release Spotlight & Author Guest Post: An Implacable Woman by K.T. Findlay

An Implacable Woman by K.T. Findlay

(K.T. Findlay – An Implacable Woman)

It’s amazing how quickly we get used to things these days. A new app comes out for our phones and within an incredibly short time we either discard it or start treating it like part of the landscape. In fact the smart phone itself is now so ubiquitous, it’s hard to believe that it’s been around for just a decade and a half.
Much to the amusement of my friends, I’m always a little cautious about whacking a new app onto my phone. I tend do my research, checking out the history of the company selling it, and noting what history of my own it plans on keeping. This provokes wry smiles and not a few jokes at my expense, but I’ve always found mobile phone apps to be a bit like eating delicious food in a dodgy restaurant. You never know which bit of deliciousness is going to end up biting you back!
I am however, completely in favour of the GPS range of apps, specifically Google maps and Apple maps. Well, at least now that Apple maps doesn’t bite you anymore... See what I mean? Do we even remember now how bad Apple Maps was when it first came out? We’ll come back to this in a bit.
My enthusiasm comes from a 2005 visit to Dallas Texas, before the smart phone exploded onto the scene. It was my first visit to the US where I was going to have to drive myself. The conference was being held in Plano, north of Dallas, and I’d been told that there weren’t a whole lot of cabs up there, so I was ordered to get myself a car. No problem I thought. I like driving. This is going to be fun!
The first shock was having to take a twenty minute bus ride to the car hire place and finding myself still on the airport. The second was being handed a single sheet of Letter sized paper. That was my map. All of it. And Dallas Fort Worth is seventy miles across…
My company was too cheap to hire me a GPS, I couldn’t afford one myself, and there were no other maps for sale in the centre, so that one sheet of paper would have to do. Fortunately the hotel was on Preston Road, one of the major thoroughfares. All I had to do was stay on the freeway until the signs said exit for Preston and then head north.
My plan was scuppered as soon as I tried to leave the airport. I didn’t even make it to the freeway before I got lost, driving around the airport perimeter roads until I found a gas station. They kindly sold me a proper book of maps, of the kind a sane hire car company would have provided in the first place, and pointed me back in the general direction of the freeway where I reverted to my original plan, having confirmed its worth with my new maps.
The problem was that I had absolutely no appreciation at that point of just how vast Dallas Fort Worth really was, and here I was hammering down the freeway at eleven at night, in heavy rain, sitting on the wrong side of the car, driving on the wrong side of the road, in a country with different road rules, and not having slept for a day and a half. So after a while, a long while, and having driven what seemed to be a very long way, I began to think I must have missed the exit. But you can’t stop on a freeway, and you sure shouldn’t be reading a map and driving, so eventually, very reluctantly, I got off the freeway to check where I was.
I was still miles before my planned exit, and with no idea whatsoever as how to get back onto the freeway. Still, if I headed east through the never ending maze of streets I should hit Preston, and eventually, eventually, I did.
Job done.
Happy days.
Just a cruise now, and I’d soon be tucked up in a nice comfy bed.
Hah! Wrong on both counts.
I stopped to check my position.
Oh good… My hotel isn’t on the map. At all. Both my one sheet and my book of maps stop south of the hotel…
Terrific… Once more into the breech dear friends…
I did eventually get there, having covered the twenty six mile distance in about two hours.
After that experience, the arrival of Google Maps on a mobile phone was about as welcome to me as the plumber who comes to unblock your toilet. The initial incarnation of Apple Maps on the other hand, was as welcome as the guest who blocked it in the first place.
I keep them both of course, in case my destination turns out to be just off the map…

If a tooth costs a tooth and an eye costs an eye
When a man hits his wife, then it’s his turn to die
Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…
But Grace Kirby isn’t the only one who needs saving and Sally quickly discovers she’s taken on a much bigger job than she’d thought.
With her unique ability to blend justice with fun, Sally sets joyfully about the business of removing the monsters from women’s lives, but is she in danger of becoming a monster herself?
As her friends in the police get ever closer, Sally has some serious questions of her own to answer.

Additional Maps of where An Implacable Woman is set-

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K.T. Findlay lives on a small farm where he dovetails his writing with fighting the blackberry and convincing the quadbike that killing its rider isn’t a vital part of its job description.

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