Friday, 20 November 2020

Publication Day Review: The Twins by J.S. Lark

I read After You Fell by J.S. Lark last year, so when a chance to read another novel by this author presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity. The Twins is a psychological thriller...prepare to sit on the edge of your seat as this twisted story unravels.

Susan and Sarah are identical twins, so similar that even their mother doesn't always know which twin she's speaking to. A mother, who prefers to concentrate solely on her individual needs before those of her daughters. Therefore, the twins are left very much to their own devices as their mother entertains an ever-revolving carousel of "uncles" in their home. 

The story begins around the time the twins turn thirteen and already they are feral and doing as they please. Everything is fine until they meet Jonny and suddenly there's a jealous rivalry between them... surprising them both. For the first time in their lives, they begin to realise life as they know it won't continue.

The narrative covers multiple time-lines, notable flashbacks to when the twins are growing up and then to when Sarah and Susan reunite as adults after an absence of thirty years. One sister seems to have had everything the other has always wanted...Jonny… and still wants him. 

The twist wasn't a surprise as I guessed what would happen but J.S. Lark still manages to shock and reveal far more than any reader would suspect, which I liked. One stand out issue with the narrative is the difficulty in trying to keep abreast of which sister is speaking. It's confusing at times yet, amplifies how alike the pair are and I wonder if this is a deliberate inclusion by the author? 

As a reader, I read this novel slowly to ensure I didn't miss anything especially when either of the twins is speaking,

I'm not easily offended so the content of this novel didn't trigger any warnings for me. However, some incidences may cause distress for some readers. 

Overall, the novel isn't an easy one to read and absorb, but my overall conclusion is it's well worth the time and effort. 

***arc generously received courtesy of One More Chapter via NetGalley***

If you liked Blood Orange you will love this!

From the moment they are born, twins Susan and Sarah are inseparable.  Through good and bad, the girls will always be together…forever.
Until they meet Jonny.
Older, charming and handsome, Jonny offers the girls the much-needed love and attention they crave.  But he can only choose one and for the first time in their lives, the girls find themselves split apart – the invisible thread that binds them severed.

Set-free from her twin, Sarah builds a new life for herself, marries, has a daughter.  But Susan’s life spirals further and further out of control.

And now Susan is back.  And she’s determined to reclaim everything she feels Sarah has taken from her. 

Her home, her husband…her life?

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