Monday, 23 March 2020

New Release Spotlight & Review: The New Guy by Kathryn Freeman

The New Guy by Kathryn Freeman

Sam Huxton doesn’t do one-night stands, especially not with men she’s just met! But the hot guy at the bar was hard to resist and their one night together is one she’ll never forget.
But one night is all they share – no names, no numbers, just some much needed fun…
Until the same guy walks into Sam’s life the next day as her new employee.  Sam never mixes business with pleasure and makes it clear an office fling with Ryan is off-limits.  But after-hours…one thing can lead to another. Can Sam trust her heart and her business with the new guy?

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A rom-com with a one-night stand and new employee! It's my introduction to a new for me author too

Sam Huxton has a shock when she returns to her office and meets the new guy, Ryan Black. Employed on her behalf by a trusted employee and friend, his job is to fix a problem within a new phone app they're developing at her company Privacy Solutions. Therefore it's a shock for everyone when they realise Sam had a one-night stand during her time away and it was with the new guy! It's awkward, but they agree to keep their distance from each other. That's until they can't bear to be apart.

What lacked for me is Sam's ability to come across as a convincing CEO at Privacy Solutions. I can understand her wanting to build a company with an enticing working environment, but the fact she's too close and friendly with all the staff took away the edge she should have had when making tough decisions. I liked Ryan Black because he's an underdog, looking to improve his current situation. He's flawed, but has good intentions… if only he could keep his temper under control. As a pair, the protagonists are mismatched but somehow manage to meander their way out of tricky situations. There's plenty to humorous dialogue and sizzling chemistry but not enough to convince me they are the real deal.

The highlights are the exchanges between Ryan and Lucas Baker. They're two very different men but find a common link to forge a friendship built on trust and respect. You'd not ordinarily expect to find this pair within the same company so it's admirable they look past their differences and focus on what's important.

The story finishes with a happy ending for Sam and Ryan although, if this couple lived in the real world, I don't feel confident their relationship would last a lifetime.

Overall, it's a soundly written novel full of details and paced to keep a reader invested within the narrative. The story didn't hit the spot for me, however, I enjoyed Ms Freeman's writing style and will definitely pick up and read another of her novels.

***arc generously received courtesy of One More Chapter via NetGalley***

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