Monday, 21 August 2017

New Release Spotlight: Ten Days With The Highlander by Hayson Manning

Go-getter Georgia Paxton has ten days to acquire a quaint hotel in the Scottish Highlands for her travel accommodation company before she’s off on her next grand adventure. Too bad the sexy, broody Scot who owns the place is dead against the idea…and that she’s in very real danger of losing their little bet to see who can convince whom first.

There’s no way Callum MacGregor is going to let the gorgeous American turn his tiny hometown over to bored tourists looking to satisfy their Outlander fantasies. He only has ten days to convince her to slow down and see the magic of the town and its people. If he succeeds, he won’t have to run her out of the county. But if he fails, Georgia might run off with his heart.

Georgia sniffed the air.

Curiouser and curiouser,” she muttered, straining her neck to get a peek.

“Wait your turn.”

He’d purposely asked Ainsley to serve Georgia last, building the anticipation. Frustration was written in a scowl on Georgia’s beautiful face, and she huffed out a big breath. Finally, Ainsley slipped the dessert plate in front of Georgia.

“My spotted dick, with custard.”

Large green eyes flew to his.

Shit. Callum caught the innuendo immediately and rubbed his hand across his jaw. “Christ, that sounds like a porno.”

Georgia’s shoulders were shaking. “That line belongs in a public health warning pamphlet.” She picked up her spoon, and tucked into the individual pudding.

She leaned forward so only he could hear. “Your dick is fantastic.” She scooped another mouthful. “Zesty and tangy, with hints of cherry.”

The actual topic of conversation stirred in his jeans. He was glad Leonard hadn’t caught that line. The man would pop a vein.

She chewed slowly, never looking away.

Oh, she was good. Excellent even.

The tension between them was sucking the oxygen from his brain and his body.

“Custard’s good, too. Just the way I like it…smooth and creamy,” she murmured.

He lifted his finger, caught a tiny blob of custard on the corner of her mouth, and licked his finger.

He’d swear in a courtroom that her eyes darkened, her pupils widened, and she shifted ever so slightly on her stool.

She ate spoonsful of pudding, taking her time, appearing to savor each mouthful, drawing her teeth and lips across the spoon. Callum was transfixed. Watching her eat turned him inside out. His gut was twisted into a tight knot. Every now and then she’d glance at him and glance away, the tiniest of smiles on her lips.


Finally, she finished.

“Best I’ve had.”

I don’t think so.
“Excuse me while I powder my nose.” She slid off the stool and, without a backward glance, walked to the back of the pub.

“You two should get a room.” Ainsley picked up Georgia’s plate. “Actually, you should just walk into her room, or her into yours tonight, and see what everyone else here knows.”

“What?” He knew the answer.

“You’re attracted to her in a way I’ve never seen you drawn to a woman before. You two fit.” Ainsley laid her hand on his arm. “You should do something about it.”

He gave her a pointed look, then glanced down the bar to find Hamish’s gaze locked on Ainsley.

She shook her head. “We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you and Georgia. I like her, a lot. You have to do something about it. Don’t let the best thing that’s walked into your life get away.”

He blew out a breath. “Yeah.”  

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