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Release Day: Destroyed By The Bad Boy by Madison Collins


Madison Collins
Releasing on January 29, 2016

This book contains two complete erotic romance novellas with no cliffhangers.

Stranded ...

On the way to our parents wedding in the mountains, the mother of all snow storms attacks, leaving me stranded in a remote cabin with my new stepbrother.

My hot as hell, I-need-to-change-my-panties because-they’re-soaked, cocky asshole of a stepbrother, Bentley McAllister.

The kicker of it all?

The only items he's packed are liquor and condoms, and he’s looking at me like he wants to put both to good use.

My name is Sierra, and my libido can only take so much.

Send help!

Caged ...

Two brothers...One girl...

Rising stars in the cage fighting circuit, Cage and Tripp Garrett are as close as two brothers can be. Fiercely competitive and smoldering with intensity, neither has ever lost a fight. Until they face their
toughest opponent yet: Lily.

They both want her. But neither can have her. Lily is as off-limits as they come. They make a pact that the tough-as-nails daughter of their trainer will never come between them.

Until one of them begins to fall in love. Then all is fair in love and war.

Caged is a sexy, fast-paced love story with a punch.

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content.


Teaser: (Stranded with my Stepbrother)
Listen, princess.” I lift her chin toward mine, meeting this gorgeous big blue eyes.  “I’m not sure if you noticed, but we’re stranded together in the middle of fucking nowhere, with only each other to count on.  You can fight me all you want, but there’s one thing you need to understand.  I’m going to protect you.  I’m going to take care of you.  And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m six-foot-four, and probably have a hundred pounds on you.  My body is going to produce a lot more heat than yours.  Now calm the fuck down, and let me get you warm.  Got it, sweetheart?”  Her fighting stops immediately.
She nods, coyly, blinking those baby blues at me, all of her anger disappearing.  “Got it.” Her voice is small, and I suddenly feel like a dick.
Good. Glad we’re on the same page.” I tug her body closer so we’re pressed tightly together, and I hold her to my chest, wrapping her in my arms. A contented little sigh escapes her lips. The top of her head doesn’t even reach my chin. She packs a lot of sass for such a small thing.  I inhale, and breathe in the scent of her shampoo. The smell of vanilla and lavender fill my nose.  Damn, who knew that combination could be so perfect?  It’s intoxicating and I can feel my body slowly start to react to the smell and the images my mind starts to produce.  The way her slight curves mold to my body serves to warm me up pretty damn quick.

After several moments, we’re both warmer. “There.  Is that better?” I ask, releasing my hold on her before I sport an awkward boner. A few deep breaths are in order; otherwise things are going to get real weird, real fast.

Madison Collins is the author of romantic short stories such as Caged, Stranded with My Stepbrother and the upcoming Monster Prick. She enjoys the occasional stiff cocktail, and watching romantic
comedies. Most days you can find her curled up with a good book. She currently resides in New Jersey.

Cover Reveal: A Real Bad Boy by Kaylee Song.

Title: A Real Bad Boy
Author: Kaylee Song

Not all soldiers are made to follow orders.
When it comes to Willow Ford I’d disobey them all.
After nine years overseas, all I want is my peace until I come face to face with my past. Her. 

Willow will give me everything I need to heal. She’s running from a pain and heartache, but that won’t stop me from taking what is mine.

After I'm hired as a bodyguard for a billionaire, Willow's the one who needs protecting. I'm the only man who can solve an unsolvable murder, but righting that wrong puts everyone in danger.  Including the woman I love… and our unborn child.

And I'll do anything to save what's mine--even if it gets bloody.

Nothing is more important to me than Willow and that baby.

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Cover Reveal: Roomhate by Penelope Ward

(A standalone)

A Contemporary Romance novel

New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
Penelope Ward

Cover designer: Letitia Hasser, r.b.a designs

RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2016

From New York Times Bestselling Author, Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.

Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?

Not when it’s Justin…the only person I’d ever loved…who now hates me.

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.

The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.

The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.

The worst part? He didn’t come alone.

I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection.

The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more.

Author's note – RoomHate is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 11-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

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New Release Spotlight: No Exit by Lena Diaz

Enter to Win a Paperback copy of EXIT STRATEGY
(Exit, Inc Book One)

EXIT Inc. #2
Lena Diaz
Releasing on January 26, 2016

Lena Diaz returns to the thrilling world of EXIT Inc., with two enemies who become unlikely
allies—and discover that only through love can they save each other...

As an agent of the Equalizers, Jace Atwell will risk everything to destroy EXIT Inc., the corrupt antiterrorist group, before more innocent lives are lost. The only way to infiltrate EXIT is by getting close to the CEO's beautiful daughter, but when they get a little too close, Jace finds himself falling for the woman he is duty-bound to deceive.

Whatever clandestine activities EXIT is involved in, Melissa Cardenas refuses to believe that her father is responsible and is determined to prove it. So when sexy, smooth-talking Jace comes clean about his motives, Melissa drops a bombshell of her own: she's been investigating too—and she wants to help him find the truth.

The chemistry between Melissa and Jace is undeniable, but their opposing views of justice make teamwork tricky. With their lives on the line—and the truth something neither of them expected—the only way to survive will be to trust their hearts and each other . . . if they can.

But before dealing with his out-of-control partner, he had to give a long overdue situation report to the kid that Mason Hunt had left in charge of their headquarters while the rest of the Equalizers were out of town on other missions—the most recent addition to the team, Devlin Buchanan’s baby brother, Austin.
Having never been to the Equalizer’s headquarters, even though he knew where it was, Jace had yet to meet Austin in person. And he knew very little about him except that he’d recently gotten out of rehab. For what, Jace had no idea. What he did know was that every time he’d spoken to Austin on the phone, he came away with a sour taste in his mouth. The twentysomething-year-old kid had a prickly attitude that rubbed Jace every way but right. He braced himself for another unpleasant conversation and set his phone in the console on speaker mode.
This is Jace, calling in the sitrep.”
It’s about damn time,” Austin’s gravelly voice bit through the phone.
What’d you do, take a side trip down the Colorado River? You should have called an hour ago.”
Where’s Ramsey?” Jace was determined not to rise to the bait.
Wasting my time and making me wait, just like you. He hasn’t bothered to report in.”
Probably because he didn’t like Austin any more than Jace did. Or maybe because he didn’t want to admit he’d screwed up.
I imagine Ramsey’s reluctant to face us after his showboating. And he got way too serious with his role as bad guy, waving a gun around and shooting at me. He risked being recognized when he got out of the van, and now my classic muscle car looks like Swiss cheese.”
Hold it. What are you blathering about? Ramsey got out of the van? And shot at you?”
Blathering? Was this kid a jerk to everyone, or did he pull out the special treatment just for Jace?
That’s what I said. It’s only through luck and the grace of God that no one got hurt.”
The sound of typing echoed through the phone. “Yadda, yadda. Whatever. Back it up. Tell me exactly what happened. And make it quick.”
Are you always a jackass, or is this a side effect of your stint in rehab?” So much for not letting the kid get to him.
Bite me, Atwell. Tell me what I need to know.” Jace reined in his temper and answered Austin’s questions. “In spite of Ramsey’s escapades, everything worked out, even better than hoped. I’m supposed to report to EXIT Inc. tomorrow morning to see about at me. He risked being recognized when he got out of the van, and now my classic muscle car looks like Swiss cheese.”
Hold it. What are you blathering about? Ramsey got out of the van? And shot at you?” Blathering? Was this kid a jerk to everyone, or did he pull out the special treatment just for Jace?
That’s what I said. It’s only through luck and the grace of God that no one got hurt.” The sound of typing echoed through the phone. “Yadda, yadda. Whatever. Back it up. Tell me exactly what happened. And make it quick.”
Are you always a jackass, or is this a side effect of your stint in rehab?” So much for not letting the kid get to him.
Bite me, Atwell. Tell me what I need to know.” Jace reined in his temper and answered Austin’s questions.
In spite of Ramsey’s escapades, everything worked out, even better than hoped. I’m supposed to report to EXIT Inc. tomorrow morning to see about a job. Looks like I’ll be the inside mole for the next few days, or weeks, or however long it takes to bring EXIT down.”
Time-out, genius. Something isn’t right. Ramsey’s not the type to do what you said he did. He wouldn’t go off half-cocked.” Jace sat up straighter, his irritation forgotten in lieu of the alarms that were starting to go off in his head. “I’ve only known him for a few months, so I can’t predict his behavior. How long have you known him?”
Long enough. Plus I’ve got detailed files on all of the Equalizers. And I’m telling you this doesn’t fit his profile. Are you sure he’s the guy you saw?”

A cold feeling of dread settled in the pit of Jace’s stomach. He checked his mirrors and pulled to the shoulder of the road. Then he tried to picture Ramsey, superimposing him over the image of the gunman. At first blush, they matched up: about six feet tall, muscular build, Caucasian—something he was certain of because the gunman hadn’t worn gloves. And there was nothing remotely female about those hands or the person who owned them, so he discarded the possibility that the person underneath that ski mask could be a woman. But had the gunman been standing up straight? Or had he hunched down against the cold? If so, he could be even taller than six feet, opening up more possibilities about his identity. But if the gunman wasn’t Ramsey, who was he? And where was Ramsey?
Originally from Kentucky, romantic suspense author Lena Diaz also lived in California and Louisiana before settling in Northeast Florida with her husband, two children, and a Shetland Sheepdog named Sparky. A Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist, she's won the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense and has been a finalist for the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. She loves to watch action movies, garden,
and hike in the beautiful Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

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New Release & Review: Defenseless by Corinne Michaels

Meet Mark Dixon in Defenseless, the newest contemporary romance from Corinne Michaels!

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View Defenseless Trailer HERE:

My life is a secret.
His life is dangerous.
We’re both stubborn, calculating, and controlling.
Mark Dixon doesn’t know what he’s getting into. He doesn’t know his games could cost us our lives. I have to do what is necessary to keep us alive, and that means guarding my heart.
But I know I’m defenseless against him, and in the end, he’ll force me to surrender.

Copyright © 2016 Corinne Michaels
All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written consent of the author.
This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of the author or publisher.

I made you a promise, Charlie.” Mark’s already deep voice is layered with desire.
Once again, my control begins to slip. “What’s that?”
His hands drop a little lower beside my head. His lower body shifts so his knee is between my legs. I feel his arousal against my thigh.
My traitorous body shows its own awakening. My nipples hardening through the silk material don’t go unnoticed. Heat pools in my core and my breath hitches. I want him. There’s no use denying it.
I told you I’d kiss you again. If you don’t stop me now, there’s no getting away.”
I should stop him. I need to stop him. There’s no way in hell it’s going to happen, though. I’m craving his lips again.
He gives me one second before he crushes his mouth against mine. His entire body shifts forward, and now I’m trapped. There’s nowhere to go. Nowhere to move that’s not Mark. He takes every part of my mind and body. Our hands roam each other as his tongue slides against mine. Passion ignites between us; it sets the room on fire. His fingers cup my neck and then glide down the front of my dress. His hand brands my skin as he takes his time exploring the open skin between us.
My fingers grip the lapels of his tux, holding him, molding him to me. I can’t get close enough. Our mouths stay fused as we both lose control.
Then my mind snaps.
I push back and my hands fly to my lips. They’re swollen, bruised from the force of the kiss. His hands brace against the wall. I keep my eyes downcast. I can’t believe I just did that, against the damn wall, at a ball commemorating my father.
I shift my dress, rake my fingers through my hair, and pull myself together.
Charlie . . .” Mark finally speaks. It sounds like shouting even though it’s only loud enough for us to hear.
That was the last time that will ever happen,” I say with no tremor to my voice. “Tonight we become partners. It’s not about whatever this is.” I shift my hands between us. “It’s about finding the information we’re both searching for.”
And what if we find something else?”
We shut it down. There’s no room for feelings in this world.”
Mark pushes back, giving me space. I instantly feel cold. “Okay, then. Have it your way.”
This is what I wanted, what we both need, but suddenly I wish it wasn’t. I wish I could pull him close, kiss him, fuck him, and just feel.
But wishes are for little girls.

The wait is finally over! It's now time for Mark 'Twilight' Dixon's story.

Ever since Mark said “Hey Muffin,” way back in Beloved, I've wanted to know more about the man who works alongside Jackson “Muffin” Cole; with his blond hair and tattooed arms…He is the definition of alpha male, but it's his humour that makes him so irresistible! His arrogance is clearly on show...or is that over confidence. She wants me, not that I can blame her – I'm a catch.

Charlie Erickson is a woman living in a man's world. Groomed by her father, she followed in his footsteps to become a CIA agent. Her work is her life, especially now that her father is dead. She wants to find out how was responsible for his death. The desire to seek justice a constant in her life.

What surprised me the most was how quickly Mark fell for Charlie, once they took their relationship to the next level, but then in some ways it isn't really surprising. He and Charlie both secretly want what they see as opportunity to have a normal relationship and life. The similarities between the two of them make them perfect for each other, but Mark really has to work hard, turn on the charm to convince Charlie that the two of them together makes perfect sense.

The writer again manages to wrings out every emotion from her protagonists so that we the readers clearly understand what they're thinking and feeling. The chemistry between Mark and Charlie is undeniable; Mark needed a strong woman to keep him in check and Charlie more than meets that requirement! The plot is fast paced, twist ridden and surprisingly suspenseful. The fun and humorous banter is entertaining.

Defenseless can be read as a standalone and is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite book in the Salvation series. Romantic suspense is my favourite genre and this book hits the spot 100%.

5 stars

***arc generously received courtesy of the author via TRSOR Promotions***

Corinne Michaels is an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.
Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn’t ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha Navy SEALs are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.