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Review: Nikan Rebuilt by Scarlett Cole

Nikan Rebuilt (Preload, #3)Nikan Rebuilt by Scarlett Cole

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Book number one for 2018 is a fabulous start to the New Year. I've not read any of the previous novels in the Preload series, something I need to change because I loved Nikan and Jenny's second chance romance.

Nikan Monture has it all, except he doesn't. He's never forgotten his first love, the woman he betrayed eight years ago, who vanished into thin air. Now she's back working at the home he and his brothers lived and he wants her back. However, he has to convince her that what they had before can be better because he's a changed man.

Jenny McKade is nervous and excited about returning to Toronto to work. She's going to temporarily manage the home her ex and his band lived when they were teenagers and she has fond memories of spending time there when she was growing up too. The job is everything she's worked for only, the man who betrayed her is likely to cross her path at some point during her temporary job there and she's not sure her heart can handle seeing him again, or can it?

I went in blind with this novel and was instantly intrigued by the author's letter before the beginning of the novel. The inclusion and history of Nikan's First Nations heritage were insightful, informative and sympathetic to the plight of thousands of children taken into care. Nikan was a lucky one, despite his tough start in life, unlike his grandparents. His experience helped to shape the man he became, but simultaneously, he lost touch with whom he was because he'd always managed to put others before himself, except when he didn't and made the biggest mistake of his life...losing Jenny.

"Fall back in love with your life."

Additionally, Jenny's own tragic background and upbringing was a surprise, yet she became a strong independent woman. I loved that she didn't rush to reconcile with Nikan and made sure she worked through her doubts about a reconciliation as he tried to impress her...only to find she appreciated gestures similar to ones she remembered him for and not the ones he could afford now. A woman to love Nikan for the man he always was rather than the wealthy rock star he became.

Although I knew nothing about either the supporting characters and the protagonists before reading this novel, it didn't detract from the reading experience in any way. Ms Cole successfully kept me engaged in the narrative at all time and I instantly became invested in Nikan and Jenny. Their chemistry is electric and the rebuilding of their relationship is believable as is the interactions between secondary characters. At no time did I feel cheated out of not knowing more about any of them, so I can vouch for the standalone status of this novel.

Overall, Nikan Rebuilt is a narrative full of the unexpected. While I'm now interested in reading the earlier books in this series, Lennon's story is definitely one I want to read next.

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