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New Release Spotlight & Excerpt: Within the Shadows by T.L. Mahrt

Title: Within the Shadows
Author: T. L. Mahrt
Genre: Suspense Romance

Target Audience:
Target avatar is readers of steamy suspenseful romance novel, mostly woman, ages rom 18-55.

Release Date:
Preorders Released: May, 28 2020 and Release Date: August 28, 2020

Trigger Warnings:
Mid violence, domestic assault and heavy sexual content. Profanity language used.


Emma’s world is rocked as the real monster lurking in the shadows is unveiled.

Emma Andrews’ last memory of her mother is seeing her bleeding to death on the bathroom floor. Several years later, Emma is kidnapped and forced to face the same monster that killed her mother. Quickly, Emma—a daydreamer with an inventive personality—must learn to separate her fantasies from reality in order to differentiate friend or foe.

As secrets unfold and the shadows emerge, Emma wonders if she can endure reliving the trauma of her past. One thing she does know for certain—she can’t do it alone.

Will Emma escape from this monster alive? Will Chance still love her after she reveals her past? Or, will someone new teach Emma the true strength hiding within her?

Jarret Gage…
I fist my dick in my hands and squeeze. Fuck, she looks just like her mother, I think as I take in the sight of her. She is beautiful with her long blond hair spilled across my lap. My eyes move down her unconscious body sprawled along the black leather seat of my Mercedes, causing my dick to stiffen harder. Yes, she looks just like that fucking whore. 
A little girl’s icy blue eyes—Emma’s eyes—look wildly around the room as she weeps, shaking her mother’s cold dead body… 
Why would a child ever cry for their whore of a mother?
I blink a few times bringing me back to the present. I think of how those same icy blue eyes wept for that mother-fucker Rick. I was messy with killing Rick, much like I was with her mother, Elaine.
The sound of Emma shifting on the leather seat causes me to look down. She lets out a groan. I pluck a syringe out of the pocket of my jacket. Shit, not yet. I stab the needle into her thigh. I look up to the driver from the rear seat of the blackout Mercedes.
Lenny, how long until we get there?” I call out.
Thirty more minutes, sir.”
Good, she keeps waking up.”
Sir, what are you going to do about Chance?”
Shut up, Lenny, and let me worry about him.”
It’s just he knows your real name—”
I said shut the fuck up!”
My chest aches. Why the hell did Rick introduce me to Chance? Fuck, I didn’t want to have to take Chance out … but now I don’t think I have a choice. Rick had to fuck everything up by falling for Emma and refusing to hand her over. Did he ever make the connection between Emma and Elaine? Fuck him, he’s disposed of now. It’s about time Rick paid his debts … and Emma is the perfect price.
I reach my hand up and finger a silky lock of her hair the lies across my crotch. The image of Elaine steamrolls into my subconscious. The same blue eyes sparkling up at me. She was a manipulative little fucking whore. I pet Emma’s head absentmindedly as I think of all the lies Elaine weaved to make me believe she loved me. 
I trace the lines of Emma’s full lips and my dick stiffens once more. Yes, I’m going to take her, just like I took her mother. 
If she’s a good girl, she will be paying her mother’s debts with those fuckable lips.

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T. L. Mahrt is a former business owner, where she utilized her education in cosmetology, barbering and massage therapy for several years. She was raised on and is currently living on a farm in Nebraska, where you can find her running barefoot in the country side with her loving husband and inspiring children and massive dogs.
After having her son, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, she made the life altering decision to stay home to care for her two children and pursue her love for writing. She has a love for romance and poetry where, her overactive imagination, along with her adventures and up beat lifestyle drives her inspiration for her writing.

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