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New Book Publication Spotlight: Aegean Sun, The Kafenion by Stephanie Wood

Aegean Sun: The Kafenion by Stephanie Wood

The Kafenion has much more to offer than just coffee and cake!

The Kafenion is undergoing its regular seasonal change from traditional coffee shop and local hangout to summertime hotspot for the massive influx of tourists who visit the Greek island each year.

The furniture has been updated, the new signs for more specific coffee types have been installed, the basic cookies have been replaced with a tempting range of cakes and desserts and a fresh coat of paint has added an optimistic glow to the place, which always attracts the many visitors who are looking for a treat.

Jane has been working on the island for a few years and finds a job in the kafenion for her friend Helen, who is hoping for some fun and romance during the summer.

Xenon and Kyriakos both make regular deliveries of fresh produce to the kafenion and they find other reasons to want to visit when Jane and Helen are around, but are they both interested in the same girl?

Georgina discovers the kafenion while searching for information from her mother’s past, but does Pericles have all the answers or will he just cause more confusion?

Visit the kafenion during a Greek summer season to see how the staff and their regulars navigate their way through complex working and romantic relationships.
This is the eleventh book of standalone reads in the Aegean Sun series.

Ideal for fans of contemporary romance writers Sandy Barker, Kate Frost and Jo Thomas

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Stephanie Wood writes contemporary fiction in the form of novels, novellas and short stories and you can find the running order of her titles on the ‘look inside’ of any book.

She published the AEGEAN SUN series of books as a fly-on-the-wall vision of life in a Greek resort during the summer season, using her extensive experience as a holiday rep to bring some unusual incidents to life on the page. The series began as an exploration of the various ways in which tourists make the most of their holidays and how they interact with the locals while they are visiting. The later books in the series have taken a closer look at the locals themselves and show how their lives and relationships are sometimes changed by the regular influx of seasonal visitors.

The CHRISTMAS ON THE CLOSE series is set in a British suburban cul-de-sac over the festive period and visits each house individually to discover how the neighbours who live there celebrate the season in their own special way.

Stephanie lives in Lancashire where, apart from reading and writing, she loves gardening and cycling and is a huge fan of the soaps Emmerdale and Neighbours. If you would like to sign up to her newsletter list (with around four messages per year) you can do so on the contact page of her website and, as a thank you, will receive the free short story THE ZIA SUNSET EXCURSION.





Thursday, 8 April 2021

New Book Release Spotlight: Hollywood Hero by Madelle Morgan

Hollywood Hero, Hollywood in Muskoka Series, Book 3 by Madelle Morgan

Unrequited love is hell on earth

Personal assistant Wendy Davila is in love with her boss, Halden Armstrong, megastar of the Apollo superhero film franchise. But she can’t compete with the succession of stick-thin blond beauties he’s caught and released. Or can she? When Halden asks Wendy to accompany him on a fishing trip to Muskoka, it’s her chance to remake her dark-haired, curvy Latina self into his ideal woman and cast her hook for Halden.

Can he trust her?

Halden has been burned by love. The last thing he wants is a woman like his ex who faked it until she landed him. Wendy is special, and the private trip is an opportunity to explore his feelings for her. However, the Greek god has an Achilles’ heel. Can he trust Wendy with a secret that could ruin his career? And will she still care for him when she learns the truth?

When Apollo falls off his pedestal, Wendy must decide if the man she adores is a keeper.

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Growing up, Madelle enjoyed nineteen summers at her grandparents’ cottage on Georgian Bay in the beautiful District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of their top 20 Best of the World Must-see Places.

Muskoka is Canada’s summer playground for many wealthy families and Hollywood celebrities. The Hollywood in Muskoka series updates the upstairs/downstairs trope: successful people in the film industry on vacation fall for service providers.

Madelle lives in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, with her husband and their labradoodle Raven. She dreams of owning a waterfront cottage. Or at least a pool.

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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

New Book Publication Spotlight & Review: Half the World Away by Rebecca Banks

Half the World Away by Rebecca Banks

Divorced and keeping a heart-breaking secret, Abbie Potter is sleep-walking through her life as a publicist at a London football club. She seems to spend more time covering their scandals than celebrating their wins, and has had enough. Though she’s already prepared for a fresh start, some shocking news pushes her to take an opportunity even further from home - in Salt Lake City.

The first morning of her new life, Abbie bumps into Kyle Miller. He’s persistent, and Abbie’s more than intrigued by him. Everything else seems to fit into place too: she has a fulfilling job, is on a journey of self-rediscovery, and has revived her love of music thanks to a new-found friendship.

She can’t risk losing what she’s built for herself, but how can she stop it from slipping through her fingers without shattering the façade she hides behind?

It's some time since I read a sports-themed novel and Half the World Away has whetted my appetite for more.

Abbie Potter's offered a dream job, only it's in Salt Lake City, Utah! A divorcee, she's ready to move away from the scandal-ridden football team she works for. So, she packs up her life in London and flies across the pond, to a new life and opportunities. Her first impressions seem too good to be true and as she settles into her new job and life. Over time she discovers someone isn't who she thinks they are, whilst others like Rose and Kyle are people to keep in her life.

New beginnings and coming to terms with the past, Abbie's life-changing decision to move thousands of miles from family and friends is an opportunity to rebuild her life and meet new people. Kyle Miller comes across as an all-American guy. He's handsome and charismatic and it's easy to understand how Abbie eventually fell for his charms. However, romance isn't the main theme of this novel. Relationships in all shapes and forms are the focus whether working, friendship or more. Therefore we don't get many details about the man who eventually becomes significant in Abbie life.

As a heroine, Abbie is someone to aspire to. She's ambitious and independent and a person willing to take a chance with her life. She's not perfect and has made mistakes too, which makes her very likeable and relatable.

This début novel is entertaining with fun, likeable and diverse characters, yet it also covers some tough topics too. The romance is slow burn, a favourite trope of mine. The contrast between the heroine's interests is refreshing and adds an unexpected dimension. Sport and music are a perfect combination and I enjoyed how they blended together.

The author's descriptions of the Utah backdrop definitely sold the state to me as a place to visit. The overall feel of this book is light-hearted and I read it in one sitting. 

***arc received courtesy of the publisher via Rachel's Random Resources*** 

Amazon UK                Amazon US 

Rebecca Banks owns a boutique public relations agency specialising in sports and entertainment, and has 20 years of experience in PR and events.

She is also a freelance journalist. For over a decade she has written features from celebrity interviews and human profile pieces to motoring and travel reviews. Half the World Away is her debut novel.

Check out her website:

Instagram: @rebecca_banks

Twitter: @rebeccabanks

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

1 Day Book Blitz: A Gentleman's Promise by Penny Hampson

A Gentleman’s Promise by Penny Hampson

A docile wife is what he wants. A husband is the last thing she needs. Can a quest for a killer teach them that they are both wrong?

Emma Smythe and her brother arrive at Easterby Hall to discover that a handsome stranger has laid claim to their ancestral home and the family title. Have her relatives been murdered, and is her brother next? Determined to find the answers, she has no option but to trust the gentleman who insists that he will help. But danger appears in many guises, and for a woman intent on remaining single, her intriguing protector may prove the biggest threat of all.

The attempts on Richard Lacey’s life begin when he inherits a title and a rundown estate. A coincidence? He’s not so sure. Problems multiply with the unexpected arrival of Jamie and Emma Smythe. Long thought dead, they too are potential targets. Richard thinks he wants a docile, obedient wife, but will the task of keeping headstrong Emma safe from danger change his mind?

Embroiled in a sinister mystery, can Richard and Emma work together to catch a killer? And will this dangerous quest teach them that what they both wish to avoid is exactly what they need?

Filled with intrigue, unexpected twists, and faultless period detail, this slow-burn romance is a must-read for lovers of classic Regency fiction.

Amazon UK                Amazon US 

Penny Hampson writes mysteries, and because she has a passion for history, you’ll find her stories also reflect that. A Gentleman’s Promise, a traditional Regency romance, was Penny’s debut novel, which was shortly followed by more in the same genre. Penny also enjoys writing contemporary mysteries with a hint of the paranormal, because where do ghosts come from but the past?

Penny lives with her family in Oxfordshire, and when she is not writing, she enjoys reading, walking, swimming, and the odd gin and tonic (not all at the same time).

For more on Penny’s writing, visit her blog:


Facebook Author Page:

Monday, 5 April 2021

Book Blog Tour Stop with an Extract: Corfu Capers by Joy Skye

Corfu Capers by Joy Skye

Five people, three secrets, one planned proposal. What could possibly go wrong?

A holiday in a luxury villa on Corfu sounds like the answer to all their prayers but it will change their lives forever. A week in paradise might not be long enough…

After a long journey, the group finally arrive in Corfu:

As the fasten your seatbelt light pinged on and the small plane sank lower and lower, she took in the ridiculously azure waters of the Ionian Sea and marvelled at the remarkable greenness of the island below her. It was breath-taking beyond expectation. She smiled to herself and, all the worries she had about her and Scott’s relationship fading into the background, she gathered together her belongings eagerly, ready to disembark.

When they reached the exit, once again they were hit by a wall of heat and incredible light, causing everyone to fumble blindly for sunglasses as they walked down the steps of the plane to the bus waiting to take them to the terminal. It made her laugh as the building was only a few feet away and yet they still were made to cram onto the buses like sardines with all the other passengers, to be ejected a few seconds later and herded up the slope into the tiny building with a gaggle of locals and a few backpacking types to see the baggage reclaim belt immediately in front of them. Corfu airport seemed tiny compared to the gigantic building with its never-ending tunnels and security checks that they’d met at so many hours before.

As promised, there was a smiling driver wearing smart blue shorts and a white polo shirt and holding up a printed sign displaying Ms Delaney and Party – Sublime Retreats waiting for them as they exited the baggage reclaim. To everyone’s relief, all the suitcases had arrived in one piece.

The driver shook them all by the hand and introduced himself as Spiros, and then proceeded to skilfully lead them through the chaos; so many nationalities, so many families and groups of friends, all looking worried as they searched for their coach transfers or loved ones, and led them to the cool of their private minibus and whisked them out of the airport in no time. They all were grateful for the cold bottles of water thoughtfully provided for them, much needed in this sudden shocking heat, as they settled with relief into the comfortable seats.

The drive through town was a little hectic but they were distracted by the remarkable views that met their eyes when they pulled out onto the road that led along the seafront. The view of the Old Fortress, standing proudly, if a little corroded, out on a promontory and framed by the distant mountains took their breath away.

Spiros was a mine of information as they inched along in the slow-moving traffic; he seemed inordinately proud of his home and kept up a running commentary of each landmark that they passed. The Old Fortress had housed the original town and dated back to Byzantine times he told them, and, nodding in its direction as they rounded the bend ‘This is the Palace of St Michael and St George. It is from when the British were in charge here and is built with Maltese limestone.’ They admired the grand looking building as the traffic freed up a little and they passed through an archway and along the port road where several gargantuan cruise ships were moored up, ejecting bewildered tourists by the hundred.

As they left the city behind and started to drive up the winding coastal road the view became more impressive with each hair rising turn. Swathes of olive groves dominated on the left with the stunning coastline running in parallel on the right, the occasional small village perched precariously along the route making every bend a revelation. They were all dazzled by the lushness of the island and the intense blue of the languid seas dotted with sailboats gently making their way to their various destinations, made to look insubstantial by the larger ferries further out, steaming along with a purpose.

They were beginning to fidget and stretch out their legs when, an hour later, they turned off the main road and the minibus made its way along a rough, dusty, unpaved track until it arrived at some impressive ivory iron gates, which swung open after sticking for a split second, at the beep of the horn, and admitted them into the peaceful, walled gardens that led to their villa, their little slice of heaven for the next week. 

Amazon UK                Amazon US 

Joy lives on the seductive island of Corfu with her four dogs and an embarrassing number of cats.

Her many years working in the tourist industry on this sunny isle and her love of all things literary inspired her first novel Corfu Capers which recently hit the #1 spot in Parenting and Family humour much to her delight.

She loves to cook, dance and drink wine, usually at the same time, and is currently working on book number two, due to be released later this year.

She also loves to travel, absolutely anywhere, and is looking forward to jumping on a plane!

Twitter: @JoySkye4

Instagram: joys.kye

Amazon author page:

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Cover Reveal: Invisible Victim by Mel Sherratt

Publication Day - JUNE 28th 2021 

‘Let me out! Please!’ I shouted, banging on the door. How had I got here? What day was it? I couldn’t remember anything. But I knew I had become the fifth woman to be abducted.


As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I’m filled with dread. Everything looks just like the others described: a small hole in the door, a mattress and a narrow window allowing only a small chink of light. The jewellery given to me by my loving husband has gone and I’m in someone else’s clothes.


Just days before, I had interviewed the third victim for the local paper. She couldn’t stop shaking. Her story was the same as those before her: an ordinary woman, locked away for ten days then released with no explanation, and nothing – nothing she could think of – to link her to the others. Throughout the ordeal, her abductor stayed eerily silent.


I tell myself I’ll be safe in ten days. But I can’t help thinking of the fourth victim who is still missing. And then I hear the voice coming through the door. “You said everything would be fine. But it wasn’t was it?” It is then that I realise. If I am to make it out alive, I need to revisit a dark secret of my own that I have spent a lifetime trying to forget.


An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller with a truly brilliant twist, perfect for fans of Teresa Driscoll, T.M. Logan and C.L. Taylor.

My novels take you to the heart of the crime. I write police procedurals, psychological suspense and crime dramas - fiction with a punch. Shortlisted for the prestigious CWA (Crime Writer's Association) Dagger in Library Award, my inspiration comes from authors such as Martina Cole, Lisa Jewell, Mandasue Heller and Clare Mackintosh.

To date, I've sold 1.6 million books. All fifteen of my crime novels have been bestsellers, each one climbing into the Kindle UK top 10 and I've had several number ones. I've also had numerous Kindle All-star awards, for best read author and best titles.

I live in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, with my husband and terrier, Dexter (named after the TV serial killer) and make liberal use of my hometown as a backdrop for some of my books. You can find out more at my website or I'm on Twitter at @writermels

New Publication Spotlight: Nothing Man by R.J. Gould

Nothing Man by R J Gould

One man in need of an overhaul. Two women determined to drag him there.

Neville Watkin’s life is so rubbish surely things can’t get any worse. Yes they can, because his wife leaves him, he loses his job, has a car crash and ends up in hospital.

Feisty Laura, the other party in the car crash, befriends him and sets out to turn his life upside down. For reasons he struggles to understand, Caroline, her equally feisty mother, seems to like him. Rather a lot.

All in all things are looking up, but is Neville courageous enough to seize these new opportunities?

Amazon UK

On kindle:

Amazon USA

On kindle:

Richard writes under the pseudonym R J Gould and is a (rare male) member of the Romantic Novelists' Association (RNA). His first novel was shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award following his participation on the RNA New Writers' Scheme. Having been published by Headline Access and Lume Books, he now self-publishes.

He writes contemporary literary fiction about relationships, loosely though not prescriptively within the Romance genre, using both humour and pathos to describe the tragi-comic journeys of his protagonists in search of love. Nothing Man is his sixth novel, following A Street Café Named Desire, The Engagement Party, Jack and Jill Went Downhill, Mid-life follies and The bench by Cromer beach.

Ahead of writing full time, Richard led a national educational charity. He has been published in a wide range of educational journals, national newspapers and magazines and is the co-author of a major work on educating able young people. He lives in Cambridge, England.