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New Release Spotlight with Exclusive Extract: Cloth of Grace by Rachel J. Bonner

Cloth of Grace, Choices and Consequences Book 4

When the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, how do you choose between what you ought to do and the only thing you really want?

Leonie finally knows who she is. But now she needs to decide who she is going to be. Her choice will affect not just her family, not just those she knows, but tens, hundreds of thousands, millions of people that she doesn’t. And every path that’s open to her will put Perry under the pressures that caused his breakdown before. How can she do what she must and still protect Perry?
Perry desperately wants to make things easier for Leonie. Somehow he has to find the strength to face the things that all but destroyed him in the past. But every way he turns, some aspect of his past lies waiting to pounce – even during his happiest moments. And he can never forget that Leonie’s life is in danger from someone, somewhere.
Gabriel has managed to negotiate peace, at least in theory. Now he must put that into practice and reunite Leonie with the family she never knew she had. Then disaster strikes right in the middle of his own sanctuary. Can he still protect those he loves, or has he been harbouring a villain the whole time?

Price : £2.99 
            Leonie and Perry are spending the day with Perry’s brother Matt and his partner Chrissy.
Chrissy had arranged a lunchtime picnic for us so she and I walked back to their house to collect it while Perry and Matt continued with the harvesting.
Are you planning children sometime?” she asked me.
I nodded. “Sometime. Just not yet. Perry doesn’t think I’m well enough or strong enough yet. But I don’t want to wait too long.”
Good,” she said patting her stomach. “I’m an only child and I want this little one to have loads of siblings and cousins and family all around.”
That sounded pretty wonderful to me. I wanted all that for my children, too. Only, that was another thing I was going to have to factor into all my choices and decisions. I hadn’t even thought about what impact my decision would have on Perry’s and my children.
Chrissy chattered away whilst we were collecting everything together. “You and Perry seem really happy together,” she said. “We all fancied him like crazy when we were at school even if he was that bit older than us. But he was always so kind and polite and so good looking. Only then we started to wonder if he was, well, you know. He didn’t date anyone; he didn’t seem that interested in girls.”
I looked at her in astonishment and then burst out laughing. “Perry? Not interested in girls? Seriously? You thought he preferred men?”
She smiled back, equally amused. “I’m guessing that’s not true. Actually, we thought he was one of those people who weren’t interested in either. And when we heard he’d become a monk that just confirmed it for us.”
So not true,” I told her.
She just grinned back. “There’s a picnic rug on the back of the couch in the next room. Can you go pick it up for me please?” she asked.
It was right where she’d said; I reached to grab it and then looked up. What I saw terrified me. I couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. I'd been trapped. I’d walked right into it, thinking I was safe, and my whole world spun upside down. I did the only thing I could, which was to scream for Perry, knowing that it would do no good, knowing that either I was calling him into danger or that he was part of the trap.

Rachel J Bonner is the author of the compelling and enthralling four book Choices and Consequences series. The first book in the series, Strand of Faith, was published in November 2018. Book 2, Thread of Hope, released on 2nd May 2019, followed by Weave of Love on 24th October, and Cloth of Grace at the end of February 2020.
Getting a degree in engineering, followed by a career in accountancy is probably not a conventional path to becoming an author, particularly in fantasy or romance. Rachel says that, although accountancy isn’t anything like as boring as everyone thinks, writing is a lot more fun. When not writing, she can be found walking in the beautiful countryside near where she lives, which has influenced much of the scenery in her books, or shooting things with her local archery club. Shooting targets only, honest. Nothing to worry about. (Okay, sometimes we shoot Polo mints. Or cabbages. Still nothing to worry about.)
She also enjoys swimming, eating chocolate chip cookies and growing aromatic herbs, especially thyme and rosemary. It’s no coincidence that her heroine likes the same things.
You can find out more about her books and sign up for Rachel’s newsletters at www.racheljbonner.co.uk.
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Strand of Faith, Choices and Consequences Book 1
A girl. A monk. An unthinkable sacrifice. 
When the choice is between love and life, how can anyone decide?

In a post-apocalyptic future, a girl and a monk, both with extraordinary mental powers, have compelling reasons not to fall in love. But their choices will have consequences for the rest of the world.

After the troubles of his youth, Brother Prospero has found comfort and fulfilment in the monastery. Then he discovers something that forces him to reconsider his whole vocation. How can it possibly be right to leave a life of worship and service for human desire? And if he does leave, will the pressures from his past destroy him?

Orphaned and mistreated, Leonie has found sanctuary and safety at the Abbey. When she comes into contact with Prospero everything spirals out of her control. Everyone she’s ever loved has died. She can’t do that to him. But how can she walk away from the first place she’s truly belonged?

Abbot Gabriel is faced with an impossible choice. He can do nothing and watch the world descend into war. Or he can manipulate events and ensure peace – at the cost of two lives that he is responsible for. Is he strong enough to sacrifice those he loves?

Price : Normally £2.99
But for the cover reveal and launch of Cloth of Grace Strand of Faith is available free from Bookcave but requires a subscription to my newsletter.
Thread of Hope, Choices and Consequences Book 2
What if your secrets are so dangerous they could destroy the one you love? 
Is honesty always the best policy?

Leonie may have run away but Prospero will find her. He loves her and he wants a future with her by his side whatever the consequences. Only when he does find her, he ought to tell her who he really is, outside the monastery. That’ll make her run again. Dare he risk it? But if he doesn’t tell her, someone else may...

Marriage to Prospero is what Leonie wants most and the one thing she knows she can’t have. If he found out what she was really like, what she’d been, what she’d done, he’d despise her and she couldn’t bear that. Better to leave now than live a lie – but it’s harder than she expected. If only…

Gabriel is starting to discover the secrets inherent in Leonie, secrets that not even she knows, secrets that will tear the world apart. And the secrets he is keeping are tearing him apart. How can sacrificing those he loves possibly achieve peace when everything he discovers risks the death of millions?

Price : £2.99
Weave of Love, Choices and Consequences Book 3
What if the choice you have to make has devastating consequences for others?
How can anyone know the right thing to do?
Leonie chose to sacrifice everything to save other people. Now those around her have to face the consequences – and those consequences are not what they expected.
Prospero must deal with his own guilt. He was the one who gave Leonie the tools she needed – her life was in his hands. To make the most of what she did, he will have to face up to all the family issues he has avoided for so long. Whatever he chooses to do, someone he loves will be hurt. For Leonie’s sake, is he now strong enough to make the choice he couldn’t make before?
The crisis predicted by Lord Gabriel has come and gone. But his task isn’t over. Leonie’s very existence may be out in the open but Gabriel discovers that the past is never what it seems – and nor is the present. How can he use what he now knows to bring together those who have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember? If he fails in this, everything he’s had to do so far will be in vain.

Price : £2.99