Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blog Stop & Excerpt: Beautiful Lies by Kathryn L. James

Blake DeLuca is a manwhore with a reputation to prove it.
Jenna Capwell thought she had the perfect life until tragedy happens and betrayals unfold. In a chance meeting, Blake mistakes her for the call girl from an elite escort service. Jenna wants nothing more than a carefree, reckless night of passion, so she plays the part, and plays it well. When their paths cross again, Blake stops at nothing to see her again...even uses blackmail.
She knows what kind of man he is and yet she falls for him during their angsty relationship. He reminds her time and time again not to get attached to him and he doesn't know what he's about to lose until the table is turned and she makes a bold decision. One that changes the rules of the game and one that brings him to his knees. Can she survive another heart break and can he survive her betrayal?

He frowned. “A pros and cons list?”
My face hurt from smiling so hard. “Yes, but take a load off. We made it just after you propositioned me, and I haven’t looked at it since.”
“What’s on the cons side?”
“Really want to go there?” I cocked my eyebrow up.
“Lay it on me.” He crossed his arms over his chest and his jaw twitched.
“Player. Bad Boy. Secretive. Just fucks. Lives on West coast and I live on East coast. Hates Romance. Shall I continue? There’s a lot more.”
He rubbed his jaw with his hand in calculated thought. “I haven’t been with another woman since you. Players promise to be exclusive and still fuck around so strike that off the list. The bad boy in me makes your panties wet. Move that to the pro side. I have a plane that can fly wherever you are. And secrets? Ask me anything you want to know.”
I loved the smart ass glimmer in his green eyes. “What’s your full name?”
“Blake Alesondro DeLuca.”
Sexiest name ever.
“How old are you?”
“Does it matter?” He cocked his head to the side.
I shook my head. “No. But you said I could ask anything.”
“When’s your birthday?”
“June second.”
“Ask me something personal.” I smiled like a silly girl.
He stood, prowled around the table sitting between us and placed his hands on either side of my body on the back of my chair. His mouth was inches from mine. “Jenna Elise Capwell. You’ll be twenty-nine on January eleventh. Favorite color is red and you prefer white chocolate over brown. Because it’s not safe, the key under your red planter on the porch is in my wallet. You donate pastries to the halfway house weekly and host needy families every Christmas.”
“I’m pretty sure you and my traitor best friend became closer than I thought.”
“Baby, none of that came from Amanda. The moment I saw the red hot girl named Candy outside Club Towers opening night, I made you my business.”

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Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and kids. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and a strong heroine. She weaves her characters along a roller coaster ride full of angst before they reach their HEA. The beach is one of her favorite places to relax and write. But most days, when she’s writing, you can find her snuggled under a blanket in a recliner with her sweet apricot poodle curled up beside her. She’s loves diet coke, and is certain it helped her stay awake pecking away on her laptop writing her debut novel Crazy Beautiful Lies.

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