Saturday, 16 August 2014

Review - Indestructible by Angela Graham

I only discovered the Harmony series about a month ago, so feel lucky that I didn't have long to wait to see where Logan and Cassandra's relationship was heading.

I love this book couple. The author has done a fabulous job creating these mult-faceted characters. Cassandra is head-strong, passionate and determined. She shows that she is nobody's fool, whilst coming across as loving and caring. The kind of woman we'd all love as a friend. Then there is Logan ((swoon)), drop-dead gorgeous, he's very protective, secretive and hot-headed. But underneath all that lies a romantic, thoughtful and generous lover and father. Together, their relationship just gets stronger and better, despite all the obstacles that are thrown in their way.

In this third book in the series, there is plenty of drama to test the strongest of relationships. Both Cassie, but especially Logan proves that nobody is perfect. Like many couples, communication doesn't always flow in both directions. However, Logan and Cassandra show maturity when dealing with situations that are out of their control, never loosing sight of their love for one another, even when things get tough.

Jax. He's a young, immature, irritating man-whore. But scratch the surface, you'll see a guy with a heart of gold. I felt sorry for him at times. He has good intentions but he just doesn't seems to execute them without causing chaos along the way. Of all the supporting characters, I hope we get to hear his story because all the qualities are there for us to fall in love with him too. He just needs to find his place in the world and file off some of those sharp edges.

I don't normally like stories where children play a sizeable role. Especially when their dialogue is written in a childish way. Thankfully, nothing like this for Oliver, who acted and spoke like a child of five years old who was just cute and adorable.

Overall this is a fabulous, suspenseful, and sexy read. I've loved every word of Logan and Cassandra's journey to a HEA and thoroughly looking forward to reading about them as supporting characters in a spin-off series.

Rated 5* on Goodreads and