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Tour & Review: Love Me If You Dare by Toni Blake.

Love Me if You Dare
Coral Cove # 2
By: Toni Blake
Releasing December 30th, 2014
Avon Romance

USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author Toni Blake continues her new, heartwarming series set in the beachside town of Coral Cove.

When the question is love, the answer is always yes…

Camille Thompson is the best at what she does-closing deals. That’s why real estate developer Vanderhook has sent her to Coral Cove, Florida, where the stubborn owner of the Happy Crab Motel is refusing to sell. Camille’s never had a problem turning a “no” into a “yes”, but then she’s never been so captivated by a man’s sexy smile before.

Laidback Reece Donovan likes life simple. No amount of money - or any other temptation Camille can offer - will convince him to give up the one link to his past. Of course, it would be easier without the powerful chemistry raging between them.

As a fragile romance begins to grow, can Reece trust Camille with his secrets? And when promises are broken, along with hearts, can the charm of Coral Cove help bring them back together?

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This is a heartwarming story about new beginnings. It is about breaking down existing barriers and making yourself open to new ideas and feelings. Realising that change is something positive to embrace even if it means sacrificing the life you have carefully constructed.

Reece is a laid back kinda guy. He has a very good life in the small community of Coral Cove where he has lived all of his life. He likes things just the way they are, so has declined many offers to sell his small motel business to developers over time. This time though, the one dangling money in front of his eyes is a woman. Can he resist his urges and avoid this “problem” from the property development world?

Camille has her life just as she likes it - that is, her work is her life and family. Leaving Michigan after graduating college, she headed for a new life in Atlanta and never looked back. She earns a fabulous salary as a negotiator and owns a nice townhouse. She has everything she never had growing up in rural Michigan – money and financial security. After arriving in the small town of Coral Cove, the owner of her next property transaction isn't quite what she expected. He's laid back, scruffy, incredibly stubborn and oh so sexy! Maybe she has to turn on her charm and seduce an agreement out of him?

I love how the author set up the scenes to make us, the readers “see” Coral Cove. Not only does she bring the small town to life, the characters come alive too. You can really feel the push and pull between Reece and Camille as they both try and deny to themselves and each other the undeniable chemistry between them. All of this is accompanied by an interesting array of supporting characters including a pet “dinosaur” called Fifi and a stray cat called “Tiger Lily!” Each have their very individual part to play as the story unfolds and everyone blends well to compliment one another beautifully. Our protagonists' journey to find happiness with each other has its ups and downs, however the author makes the readers understand why things are as they are, so they see the full picture to explain the consequences of their actions.

This is the first book I have read by Toni Blake and look forward to reading more from her in the future. I'd especially love to see Tamra find someone to love and cherish in Coral Cove as her character really struck a chord with me. And maybe Fletcher too.

4½ Stars

***arc received courtesy of the publisher***

USA Today bestselling author Toni Blake’s love of writing began when she won an essay contest in the fifth grade. Soon after, she penned her first novel - nineteen notebook pages long. Since then, Toni has become a RITA-nominated author of more than twenty contemporary romance novels, her books have received the National Readers Choice Award and the Bookseller’s Best Award, and her work has been excerpted in Cosmo. Toni lives in the Midwest and enjoys traveling, crafts, and spending time outdoors. Learn more about Toni and her books at

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