Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Cover Reveal: The Kiss Of Life by Char Sharp

The Kiss Of Life
A Soul Mate Rescued Novel
By Char Sharp
Release Date: May 2015
Cover Design: Hang Le 

The Kiss of Life is the first book in a trilogy, Soul Mate Rescued, and each novel is a standalone; however, some popular characters will be revisited in each novel.

​​Do you believe in love at first sight?

No? I didn't either.

I was eight years old when I told the love of my life that I would marry him someday. He laughed at me. He was nine years my senior and my big brother's best friend. My wish came true though, and as adults, we did marry, and lived in wedded bliss
for six years, until one fatal night...when my world changed forever.

My name is Elizabeth Foster, and my beloved husband, U.S. Navy Commander William Grey Foster was murdered. Thirteen long months of sleepless, lonely nights crept by as I mourned my husband, and I soon learned my life was in danger, too.

Rescued by U.S. Senator John Prescott Cole, an ex-Navy SEAL and rich playboy, he quickly became my fearless protector.

Could he continue to keep me safe from the constant threat to my life?

Could he rescue me not only from danger, but from being heartbroken and alone?

Who would protect my heart from this handsome, gallant, man? Part of it would always belong to Will, but could I give away the other part to a man who was known as a womanizer?

Is true love really only once in a lifetime?

Note from author: This book is not meant for anyone under the age of 18 due to adult 
situations and mature content.

Retired from the computer software industry, Charlotte lives in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, a Ragdoll cat named Purrcy, and a big old lovable rescue mutt.

She and her husband are the proud parents and grandparents of three grown children and four grandsons.

An avid reader, writing started as something fun to do and has morphed into true joy, with her characters telling her their stories. She has many stories to tell.

Charlotte studied music and business at Troy University. With her love of music, she enjoys weaving a little music into her writing. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.