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Blog Stop with Review: Rush by Gina Gordon.


By: Gina Gordon
Releasing May 12, 2015

In this edgy, sizzling romance for fans of Monica Murphy and Abbi Glines, a bad boy shows a straitlaced law student how to slow down and savor the good things.

Everly Parker is about to graduate from law school, always busy, and can’t stop rushing through life. Her late grandmother left her a bucket list of meaningful, can’t-miss experiences, but she hasn’t completed a single one. Then searing-hot Max Levin bursts into her world. As a casting director for a porn production company, Max is loaded, cocky, and all wrong for Everly. Still, she’s tempted enough to cross the first item off her list: Go out with someone you’d never give the time of day.

Inheriting a porn empire isn’t every guy’s dream (well, actually, it probably is), but Max isn’t complaining. It’s just that until he meets Everly, he has no idea what he’s been missing. As the pressure mounts to take over the family business, Max can’t help wondering what would happen if he chose Everly instead. So far, his life has been a wild ride, but only Everly promises the greatest rush of all: love.

I’m Jade.” The second girl held out her hand, green eyes sparkling up at me—the color of . . . jade. “Wonderful to meet you, Mr. Levin.”

She was much younger than Stella. Her auburn hair hung over her shoulders. Her lips were plump and a subtle shade of pink. Her tits, a perfect handful. She was the girl-next-door that had been plucked from the shopping mall and turned into every man’s fantasy. She was exactly the type of girl I was looking for. Something about the stereotypical-looking porn star just didn’t do it for me. Unfortunately, it was women who looked like Stella that my father preferred.

Although I had the final say in the girls who signed contracts, there was a distinct look my father wanted in his stars. A look that hadn’t changed since his entrance into the industry in the 1980’s, but I was making room for both our visions.

This is our director, Ben Lockwood.” Ben had complete creative control and was in charge of every piece of film and photo White Lace put out for sale. He hired his own staff, other directors and photographers, who held the same vision.

He extended his hand to Stella, but I noticed his eyes were on Jade. “I’m going to grab us some drinks. Ladies . . . ?”

Vanilla latte,” Jade replied.

Regular coffee, just cream,” Stella answered.

Ben nodded and left us.

Thank you for meeting with me tonight.” I liked to meet potential talent in person. It gave me a chance to weed out the crazies. As much as I hated myself for it, I needed girls who were responsible and serious about building a career. I operated on a strict no drugs or drama queens policy.

What is it exactly that you’re offering, Mr. Levin? Madam was vague, but we’re interested.” Stella spoke for the both of them.

The fact that these girls already had sex for a living diminished my worry about hiring newbies. They were experienced and knew exactly what they were getting into.

I’m the vice president of White Lace Productions, responsible for casting and location scouting. I contract every one of our actors.” There were a lot of shady casting agencies and Internet modeling sites out there and we didn’t follow the same rules at all. “When you sign with White Lace, you have the control. I’m here to help you build a career. I’m here to help all of us make money.”

My father, on the other hand, saw the porn business as a stepping-stone and went out of his way to help our actors achieve their dreams, and then ship them out the door. A direct counter-philosophy to mine—making money. Needless to say, we had a high turnover of actors.

Ben returned to the table, ladies’ coffees in hand. With a wink he lowered their drinks to the table then returned to counter.

Our production is high quality, but low maintenance. We film in hotel rooms and private homes. We film fantasies. Plain and simple.”

Our catalog of film spanned from romantic porn for women to rough, fetish sex. We filmed two feature films a year, but the majority of our products were single scenes that could be purchased online. In one respect that was the beauty of porn. There were so many possibilities and there was a demographic for everything.

What exactly are you looking for?” Jade asked as Ben squeezed into the booth beside her with a regular coffee for both of us. She seemed much more interested in asking the right questions, unlike Stella, who was more interested in making eyes at me.

I’m looking for new talent that will be open to all sexual scenarios, positions, and genders. The more versatile you are, the more money you make.”

I knew a little about the escort business, but I knew these girls made a hefty sum per hour. They’d have to be very versatile.

We’d be more than willing to give you a sneak peek.” Stella leaned in to me and ran her red fingernail down my arm.

Rush is something of a surprise.  With a porn industry setting, I was expecting a fun, light-hearted romp, but what we have is a meaningful insight into the lives of two young people struggling to live the lives that have been mapped out for them.

As the son of a parents working in the adult entertainment industry, Max Levin has always known that his destiny is to take over the running of White Lace Productions, the empire his father has built up over the past thirty years.   Along with his film director best friend Ben Lockwood, whom he's known since he was an eight year old boy, the pair have increased the profits of the company making it a market leader.  When Max meets a young woman whilst scouting for new talent, he begins to question his career path.  Is it time to branch out and follow his heart in more ways than one?

Everly Parker is just one semester away from graduating from law school.  As the daughter of high flying lawyers, her parents have micro-managed her schooling to ensure she is a credit to themselves.  Spending most of her time studying, Everly's had little time to date over the years but as she gets nearer to graduation, with a distraction called Max she begins to realise there is more to life than fulfilling her parents dreams. 

Max Levin and Everly Parker appear to be as different as chalk and cheese, at opposite ends of the spectrum!  It doesn't take long to realise,  through the sparks of sexual chemistry that their lives are more similar than you think - a common bond,  which isn't instantly recognisable to either of themselves.  Both see in each other very different characteristics they want to emulate in themselves, but wires get crossed when both mis-understand what they want and expect from each other.

The author has created a fabulous, sexy reading experience and I'll admit I had to consult a few unfamiliar terms via the Urban Dictionary!  The protagonists show depth of character and the supporting ensemble add to the overall fun of this highly entertaining book.  This is my first book by Gina Gordon but will look out for more books from her in the future.

4¼ Stars

***arc generously received courtesy of Random House Publishing via NetGalley***

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When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream: becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. A self-proclaimed happily-ever-after junkie and cupcake connoisseur, Gordon loves spinning contemporary tales of knee-bending first kisses, unconditional love, and super-hot sex. She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and their lovable dog.
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