Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Release Day & Review: Shadow Of A Doubt by Tiffany Snow

Shadow Of A Doubt

The Tangled Ivy Trilogy

Ivy Mason has it all: beauty, a plush apartment, a fancy car, and a debonair British spy boyfriend who pays all her bills. If only her boyfriend was in her life—and her bed—more than just sporadically.

Part of an underground British agency called the Shadow, Devon Clay knows that secrecy is what has kept him alive. Anyone he loves is a liability, and being involved with him puts the other person in grave danger. Yet Ivy is someone his heart can’t resist.

When an enemy from Devon’s past returns, the spy and his girlfriend are thrown headlong into an international conspiracy that puts everyone Ivy loves at risk. From the Missouri River bottoms to the brothels of Amsterdam, Ivy and Devon must outrun and outmaneuver the forces allied against them, and no one can be trusted.


I've read everything that Tiffany Snow has published, so picking up a copy of her newest book shouldn't have triggered a feeling of apprehension, but it did. In His Shadow, the first book in The Tangled Ivy Trilogy missed the mark for me, but did leave me with a glimmer of hope that the remaining books in the series would be better. After reading the second part of this trilogy and with a huge sigh of relief, I can say that I really enjoyed Shadow Of a Doubt.

There is no easing into this second installment of The Tangled Ivy Trilogy as the pace of plot it pretty fast moving the whole of the duration of the book. Once you begin, you're sucked in with barely a chance to draw a breath until you've reached the ending. And what an ending it is! The suspense is what keeps my interest and me turning the pages. Unfortunately, the protagonist's relationship barely registers with me.

It is strange that I find the supporting characters infinitely more interesting than the main ones. I'm grateful for Logan and Agent Scott Lane's presence. I have warmed more to Devon this time around though. His nationality is still confusing to me, so I read him as an American citizen. As Devon opens up more to Ivy, there is a glimpse of a charming man, who shows that he has a caring and compassionate side, although I'm not convinced Ivy is worthy of such thoughtfulness. As a heroine, I'm struggling to empathise with her as she displays characteristics I don't find pleasing in people generally.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to how this is all going to end and can't wait to find out the conclusion. I'm guessing Tiffany is saving the best until last and hopefully the protagonists will finally strike a positive chord with me too.

***arc generously received courtesy of Montlake Romance via NetGalley***  

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