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New Release Spotlight: Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry


Make Me Believe

Publication Date: July 6, 2015

Tour: Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry

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Sometimes, a chance meeting is just the push you need in order to break free from the darkness within…
My name is Emma, I’m 23, and I’ve never been kissed. I’m no virgin…But kissing is too intimate, too intense, and I don’t want that – not ever. I like sex, though, and most of my hook-ups don’t seem to mind the no-kissing part.

But then I meet Daniel, who’s such a geek, and definitely not the kind of guy I’d normally take an interest to. He’s the shy, quiet type, but with such a charming smile, and he makes my heart race – something I’ve never experienced before.

Daniel has his own issues to work through, and I know my hardened heart shouldn’t melt when he looks at me. I really shouldn’t be falling for him, either, but somehow, he manages to tear down my walls, and I’m scared…because once he learns my secrets, he’ll want nothing to do with me.

All I know is that Daniel makes me feel things that I have never felt before – but do I dare let down my walls and confide in him?

Will I let him be my first kiss?

This is my story, and I’ll reveal everything in my own sweet time…

Just don’t expect all the hearts-and-flowers stuff.
Life is messy, and mine is no different…


***Due to possible ‘triggers’ and adult situations (yes, there is lots of sex in this book) it is not recommended to persons under the age of 18.


I’m just applying the last coat of mascara when I hear the expected knock on my door. I sigh and turn my neck from side to side, gearing myself up for whatever Daniel could be up to, and I hurry to get the door for him.
Hi,” I say, and I take a step back, allowing him to come inside.
He remains silent as he walks through and into my living room/bedroom. He takes a look around and I stand in the doorway, unsure of what to do. I look at the time on my phone: it’s only ten am. As the silence continues, I become more and more uncomfortable, and I cross my arms in front of me.
Do you want a soda or something?” I ask him, trying to break the awkward silence.
Daniel turns away from my bookshelf and looks closely at me. I’ve only put on a pair of capris and a sleeve-less black top, and I haven’t put any shoes on. My hair hangs wildly around my face, and I curse at not having the time to do something about it. But then it hits me: Why do I even care?
Just some water, please,” he answers, and I go to the kitchen. I hear him follow me and I groan on the inside.
Listen, Daniel, I really don’t know why you’re here, so . . . ” I hint as I stand with my back to him, reaching for a glass on the shelf above the sink.
I know . . . ,” he answers, and I can hear how nervous he is.
As I fill a glass of water for him, I turn to him. “Come on, out with it, then.” I smile, but I know it doesn’t look genuine.
You put on make-up,” he blurts out, and I roll my eyes, fed up with his stalling.
Yes, I know. So what? Don’t get the idea that I did it for you, though. I always wear make-up when I’m around people.” I walk closer to him and hand him the glass of water.
We can sit outside on the balcony,” I tell him, and I brush past him.
I take a seat and surreptitiously look down to the hidden pack of cigarettes I keep behind the door as Daniel takes the other chair beside me. I only smoke when I drink, or when I can’t fall back to sleep after having a nightmare, but I’m seriously thinking about lighting one up right about now.

Daniel takes a sip of water, and then he sighs. “I need your help,” he mumbles, but he doesn’t meet my eye. In fact, his entire body language seems withdrawn and definitely embarrassed.
What do you mean?” I ask him, and I’m more confused than ever.
Well . . .” He hesitates before finally manning up and meeting my stare. “I’m dyslexic,” he blurts out.
I shrug. “So? Many people are dyslexic, Daniel.” My voice softens. “It’s nothing to be ashamed about, you know.” And it still doesn’t tell me anything about why he’s here.
He looks away, towards the park across from the complex, and a flush starts to spread on his neck again.
It is when you are about to study English at the university,” he answers back.
Oh, I see.” But I really don’t. I mean, I can imagine that it’s bound to cause some trouble, and it’s far from easy being a student at all these days.
Daniel remains silent, still staring straight ahead. I allow him more time to get to the point, but, finally, I lose patience and ask him, “So why do you need my help?”

Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes.

Karen tends to have a short fuse if she does not get a proper caffeine fix first thing in the mornings, but she is, in fact, a gentle person deep down.

Karen loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance. Or of too many book boyfriends, either.

Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she has not read a book in her native tongue in over ten years.

She can be very outspoken and a complete fan girl of other authors online but will, in fact, be very shy once she meets you in person.

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