Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Review: Under Fire by Scarlett Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Romantic Suspense is one of my favourite genre so couldn't wait to dive into Under Fire, the first novel in the Love Over Duty series by Scarlett Cole.

Setting up Eagle Securities is a natural progression for Sixten Rapp as he begins civilian life alongside his childhood friends who he served with as Navy SEALs. He's also happy to return to the town he grew up and the house which holds many happy memories for him. Whilst working on his first job contract, he spots a woman hiding on a balcony before she is due to give a speech. She's not his type, yet Dax is intrigued by her but quickly files that information away when he recognises her distress. Thankfully, he's able to calm her down so protectively waits until she finishes her speech, knowing once this job is finished he won't see her again. Some days later he spots Louise after a car incident leaves her mother injured. He doesn't hesitate to offer his help again. However, when Louisa later confides work concerns surrounding her missing samples, he's determined to assist her again. Only the stakes are much higher now she holds a place in his heart.

Louisa North is most comfortable when she's working in her lab. Dedicated to her work, she's trying to formulate a miracle treatment for the disease her father was suffering from before he took his own life. When active samples she's working on go missing, her gut tells her it more than a mistake. When suspicious behaviour enhances her concern, she confides in the man who has come to her rescue on more than one occasion. Only this time, the stakes are deadly.

Whilst the trope for an ex-SEAL setting up a security company isn't new, I love the idea of the hero struggling with his conscience as he tries to prioritise his work over the developing feelings he has for his client. I especially liked how the author highlights the weaknesses of both protagonists and how they're able to support each other with their difficulties; Louisa's struggle as a social introvert and Dax's trigger issues. How two people with very different life experiences manage to complement each other in the way Dax and Louisa do.

This is my first Scarlett Cole novel and I'm going to check out her other work because I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. There's a perfect balance between suspense and romance with the addition of situations that make you pause and think. The dialogue has some fun banter between the guys and some tongue in cheek comments that will make you laugh out loud. If you're looking for an action pack novel with intriguing, sexy characters, Under Fire is a must read.

***arc generously received courtesy of St. Martin's Paperbacks via NetGalley***

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