Monday, 25 March 2019

Release Day Review: London Calling by Veronica Forand

London CallingLondon Calling by Veronica Forand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I dived into London Calling with much anticipation after discovering this author when I read her True Lies Trilogy. So, after finishing this novel, I can happily confirm it's more than exceeded my expectations.

After the assassination of Lucy, his partner and member of his team, Liam Macknight isn't impressed when he's assigned to babysit Edward Ross' daughter, Emma. Since the explosion which killed his close friend, Ross has been missing and a potential security threat if he is still alive. Struggling to come to terms with his loss, Emma is proving to be a difficult woman to watch, much to his chagrin. She doesn't believe her father's involvement in espionage and more importantly doesn't need MI6 or him to keep her safe, or does she?

Summonsed to London because of her father's disappearance, justifiably, Emma Ross' frustration is palpable...her father is missing and nobody will give her any information. Additionally, she's at a safe house...something she considers unnecessary until it becomes clear she is a target too.

There's an instant click of attraction between Emma and Macknight as banter flows between them. It's hostile, but still, it can't hide the electrifying chemistry between them. Despite both displaying a tough fascade, they equally have a vulnerable side too. As the pair manoeuvre through the dangers, mutual respect and empathy take over as suppressed feelings begin to surface. The sizzle of expectation hangs between them constantly, leaving the reader wondering what happens next?

Fast paced, I had no problem keeping up and enjoyed the trill of this dramatic and suspenseful narrative. Ms Forand in unquestionably one of my favourite romantic suspense authors and although the focus in London Calling leans more towards suspense than romance, there's a hint of what to expect in way of romance in the future? The ending implies this is only the beginning for Macknight and Emma so I hope to follow them in more suspenseful adventures. If not, I'm more than satisfied with their 'happy for now' status.

***arc generously received courtesy of Entangled Publishing(Amara) via NetGalley***

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