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Release Day Spotlight & Excerpt: Solstice Sizzle by Lilliana Rose

Solstice Sizzle (Pagan Pleasures Bk 2) by Lilliana Rose

Johan Rogers is a sharpshooting family lawyer who is close to burn out. This is affecting his ability with the Magiks and his once reliable skill as a medium. On a whim, he’s come south to Edi’s shop, Crystal Sands, for a break over the summer solstice. He’s looking for fun, nothing serious, and definitely no commitment. 

That’s how things start with the stunning Nova. But then a side of him he’s repressed to be a lawyer begins to emerge. Can he get a handle on his emotions, or will Nova help him to realize his full potential with the Magiks?

Nova McGinnis is struggling to find her unique skill with the Magiks. She’s been repressed too long, and despite Edi’s help, her ability is erratic at best. It’s been nearly a month of trying and she’s made minimal progress. Frustrated, she sees Johan as the perfect distraction. 

It was meant to be just a summer love affair, but things are developing into something more lasting. Will a hot love affair prevent Nova from discovering her Magik ability, or help her?

Nova is trying to find what her Magik skill is but it’s not happening as quickly as she would like. She’s frustrated, and in need of a distraction. Johan, a Magik who is a medium, might well be that distraction she’s in need of.

Nova, you have to be patient. If you force things, it will be like how you’ve been repressed. You have to go slowly and gently. It will all be shown to you as you’re ready.”
Nova wanted to believe Edi. “You’re telling me I’m not ready?”
Edi sighed and squeezed her hands. “You’re ready for only so much at a time. You’re not ready for what you want, but you will be.”
In time, right?”
Yes, in time.”
Can’t say I agree with this.” Nova wriggled her hands out of Edi’s. Her mentor was lovely, caring, the totally the opposite to her mom, and it was all starting to become too much for her. The emotions, frustration, and the memories.
Maybe that’s the problem.”
Nova sighed heavily. This was all beginning to give her a headache. She was even finding it challenging to make candles, her heart just didn’t seem to be in it.
Maybe you could do with a break?”
Nova didn’t want a break. But maybe that was what she needed. Her head was getting muddled, and so was her heart.
Can I buy this?” The man came up and put one of her candles on the counter.
That’s the wrong candle for you,” Nova said the words before she realized what was coming from her mouth.
Oh… then what do you suggest?” He raised an eyebrow.
A shiver went down her spine. She didn’t know this man, so how would she know what was the right candle for him? It had happened so quickly. He came to the counter with a candle, and her telling him it was the wrong one. Somehow, she knew it was the wrong candle, instinctively.
Is this part of my skill? Her skin prickled. Maybe.
Nova took a deep breath. She tried to keep connected to the intuition that had revealed itself, but it was hard standing so close to his man. His masculine energy melded with hers, even though they weren’t touching. He was sexy hot, well built, strong, taller than her, with shoulders she could rest her head on easily. He had an air of sophistication despite his casual attire—long shorts and a loose shirt with a diamond pattern on it. He was the complete package for a good time. The perfect distraction. And much more enjoyable than the intense meditation sessions with Edi.
She wanted to know more about him, and looking into his eyes would give her an insight into the sort of man he was. She took a risk and stared directly into his eyes.
Her breath caught unexpectedly. His dark eyes were an attractive caramel color, and just as tempting as the real dessert. She felt herself being drawn to him. There was a lack of commitment there, she could see it, along with the conflict swirling around in a darker tone.
Did she want to bother with someone who lacked commitment? If it were a distraction, then she knew her answer was a definite yes.
She’d been so focussed over the last month trying to find her skill with the Magiks without success, he could be just what she needed. A fling. A sexy time with a man who looked like he knew how to please a woman.
Exhaling, she managed to pull her mind back into gear. “You want something more like the black candle.” She chose her words carefully. The black candle was for clearing, and there was a lot of chaotic energies she was picking up in his aura. Again, she wasn’t sure why she was saying this candle. Perhaps it was the conflict she’d detected when looking in his eyes.
Nova picked up the candle he’d put on the counter. She’d detected it as the wrong one, but she’d not focussed on what its purpose was. Her breath quickened. It was the love candle.
Was he deep down really looking for love, for something more than a fling? A gentle shiver moved down her spine.
Why would he want this one? She glanced at him. Was he single? He’d been giving off that vibe. She’d been sure he was.
You don’t think love is in the air?” His tone was cheeky as he spoke.
She swallowed hard. Love? No, more like lust. “You looking?”
Hmm… well, I’m single.” He raised an eyebrow suggestively at her.
Nova felt a rush of heat to her face getting the confirmation she needed. And a little bit more.
Tick, he was single.

Lilliana is an Amazon Bestselling author, who writes romance in the subgenres of contemporary, paranormal, steampunk, and rural. She enjoys helping characters overcome problems, or issues, and the misunderstandings that often plague relationships, to help them fall in love. Whether it city heels being replaced with country work boots, or some magic beyond this world, or cogs and gears and corsets, each story shows how love can prevail.

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