Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Release Day Review: Yours in Scandal by Lauren Layne

Yours in Scandal by Lauren Layne
Montlake Romance

When politics and romance are a perfect blend!

Citizen magazine's New York's "Man of the Year" regarded as a perfect springboard to launch Mayor Robert Davenport's candidacy for the gubernatorial election; at least his campaign manager thinks so. With the welcome publicity, it's also an ideal opportunity to upgrade his marital status from single to at least dating. Not surprisingly, the shrewd campaigner knows of the right woman for him. Due to her connection, she's also a useful way to gain dirt on his opponent. Robert isn't keen on the idea but agrees anyway, however, when he meets Adeline Blake, it ignites a long-dormant spark of attraction detrimental to his career!

NY Governor's daughter, party-girl Addie Brennan mysteriously disappeared some years ago. Now unbeknown to only a couple of friends, she's back and living as Adeline Blake right under her father's nose. She's forging a career as an event planner, rebuilding her life in the city she escaped. When get she gets a call from the mayor's office for an event consultation, she sceptical about why they would ask her company to organise an event. However, it's a business opportunity with a high profile client she can't pass up. On meeting the client hosting the leaving party she quickly realises professional and personal boundaries risk becoming blurred as she gets to know mayor Robert Davenport.

The author's signature New York backdrop is familiar but the protagonists feel more relatable in this first book of the Man Of The Year series. Robert is wealthy but grounded. Portrayed as a politician with a social conscience, he's someone who plays fair with honesty and integrity. Addie/Adeline is a woman trying to define herself in a world where she's been misunderstood. Her family background and upbringing connect her with Robert Davenport, as does their loss of a parent. The default status of their relationship starts as 'It's complicated' but thanks to their mutual trust and faith in each other to do the right thing, they eventually find their happy ending… together.

Ms Layne has ramped up the heat in this sexy romantic comedy. The background is the world of politics but thankfully, there's not a policy or political thought insight. Well paced, laced with humour and witty dialogue it's a perfect novel to distract you from real-life drama. Yours in Scandal sets the scene for a promising new series, a perfect read for fans like myself. For those who haven't picked up a novel by this author, Robert and Addie's story is a good place to start.

***arc generously received courtesy of Montlake Romance via NetGalley***

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