Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cover Reveal: Keep It Sexy by Olivia Snow

by Olivia Snow
KEEP IT SEXY is a New Adult novel published by Limitless Publishing, 
and is a part of Olivia Snow’s The KIS Series. 
Release date is July 14th, 2015!

Chaos follows Billie McAllister wherever she goes…
When Billie catches yet another boyfriend cheating on her, it’s the last straw. She retreats home to Colorado, determined to rebuild her life and stay far away from her unsavory family of con men and criminals. But her plans are derailed when she meets her disarmingly charming, tattooed new boss.

Christian Rodriguez has left his own tainted past behind to achieve his dream…
All Christian ever wanted was to own a bar. Now he does, but his dedication to living life on the straight and narrow is threatened with the arrival of his feisty, brown-eyed new waitress, Billie. Their powerful attraction should bring light to their previously dark lives, but also has the potential to pull both of them back into the criminal lifestyles they’ve vowed to leave behind.

Family ties are hard to break, and Billie’s family isn’t about to let her go…
When her father, brothers, and ex-boyfriend Connor show up, they make it clear they all want her back, even if they have to destroy Christian in the process.

Billie and Christian are caught in a tangled web of family loyalties, greed, betrayal, and hidden agendas as they struggle to uncover others’ secrets while keeping their own.

Can they best protect each other by staying together, or by walking away and continuing to play a very dangerous game?

I watched her moving closer to me.
“I thought you didn’t want this with me?” she said. Finally, I looked into her eyes.
“I don’t, I do. Fuck, I don’t know, Billie.” I slumped down on the nearest armrest, tightening my hold on my towel. She stepped between my thighs and placed her cold hands on my shoulders. I hissed from her touch and how close she was to me. I shouldn’t have, but I gripped her hips and brought her closer. The air around us became palpable. Billie’s stare flicked to my lips and back up to my eyes. Her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips before she spoke.
“I want to kiss you,” she whispered. My fingers dug into her skin. I was afraid I’d hurt her when she whimpered, but when I saw where she was looking, I knew it had nothing to do with my grip, but from my now tented towel. My hands slowly traveled from her hips then fanned on each side of her ass, and I squeezed.
“Then kiss me,” I murmured in a low breath.
Her small hands grabbed the sides of my neck, pulling me to her mouth. The closer we got, the tighter I squeezed. Billie’s breath was shallow, and I knew at this point she’d let me do whatever I wanted to her. I knew if I took off her shirt and sweats she’d let me. But right now all I wanted was to feel her lips against mine. Have her soft curves pressed against me, clothed. The first time our lips touched, it hardly felt like a kiss. She skimmed her mouth from one end of mine to the other, barely touching. I watched with hooded eyes every move she made. When her eyes closed, I shut mine and took over.
My fingers sunk into her skin, and she yelped when she came crashing into my erection. She gripped tighter against my neck and I felt her body become putty in my arms. I kissed her slowly, open mouthed. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the feel of her tongue against mine at the moment. But when her mouth parted, I let go of her ass and took her face in my hands, moving her slightly as I deepened the kiss and swallowed the moan she gave me. Her tongue was lax, wet and so fucking sweet. We were both breathing forcefully through our nose when Billie’s hand fell down to touch my stomach. I grunted, taking in a shallow breath, curious and afraid of what her next move would be.
She delicately moved down to the towel, but when my phone rang she stopped instantly.


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