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Spotlight & Review: The Accidental Assassin by Nichole Chase

Ava McKenzie is a creature of habit. Life is passing her by and she has nothing to show for it. She’s had the same job since she started college, she orders the same dish every time she goes to her favorite restaurant, and only reads books from authors she knows. There is nothing new or surprising in her life… until her best friend marries a man from London. When her newlywed friend asks her to house-sit while she honeymoons, Ava jumps at the chance. She thinks this could be the very thing she needs to shake up her life. Ava throws herself head first into her new lifestyle; she wants to try everything, go everywhere, and never get stuck in a rut again. Of course, offing a man in a car garage hadn’t been one of the things on her list to try.

Owen Walker spends every day in a new place with a new case. As one of the most renowned assassins in the world, he has his choice of marks—and he’s never failed in a mission. When a new hit takes him back to his hometown, he looks forward to spending time somewhere familiar. What he isn’t expecting is to help an attractive, confused American woman find out how she’s ended up on a hit man’s list.

As Ava and Owen dodge bullets, will they be able to escape their undeniable attraction to each other? Or will all of that chemistry blow up in a shower of hot and dangerous sparks?

Okay, what happens when an American tries to reverse out of a parking house in central London? Definitely not what Ava McKenzie expected to happen that's for sure! She is house sitting for her friend Tess and her new husband whilst they are honeymooning. Life wise, Ava is in a rut and looking for a change of scenery and excitement in her life. Little did she know that trying to get to a last minute, unexpected job interview would change her life forever!

Owen Walker has always been very particular about the jobs he takes. He is world renowned and has never failed an assignment. He only considers the jobs where he feels he is doing a service for the good of the people, only his conscience is not good for business and his contact is not very happy about the way Owen is so choosy about his jobs.

This is a fun and humorous escapade with two people who you wouldn't normally associate together. Owen is the most unlikely assassin you will ever meet because he cares about what he does, believing and knowing his actions will make a difference to the innocent victims of the heinous crime of human trafficking and prostitution. Ava is along for the ride because she's a mistaken target, an accidental assassin and been shot at!

The banter between the protagonists laugh out loud funny and witty. The supporting characters are quirky and fun. What is most interesting is the character development of both Ava and Owen. The longer they both spend in each others company, the more they take on some of the other persons traits. In ways you wouldn't expect.

This is an action packed suspenseful romance that is highly entertaining.

4 Stars

***arc received in exchange for an honest review***

He reached over and unbuckled the seat belt I hadn’t realized I had put on. Sliding his arm behind my back, he shifted over the center console and moved closer to me. Carefully I used my feet to push up so he could slide underneath me. His body pushed against mine and I could feel every manly inch of him pressed behind me, down to the muscles his button up shirt concealed. As his hands slid around my waist to help steady me, his thumbs pressed against my back and rubbed soft circles, as if he was trying to comfort me—but instead it was accomplishing the exact opposite. I let the weight off of my feet, easing down on to his lap so I could move to the other seat.
I’m ready.” His voice was husky in my ear and for a second I thought about telling him I was more than ready myself. Thankfully I was able to keep my senses and remember that there was someone intent on killing me in a car not far behind us.
With extreme caution I tried to lift my left leg so that I could step over the console, but my skirt was too tight. Understanding the problem, his hands slid moved down my hips and over my skirt so he could slip it up my thighs. Goosebumps erupted along my skin as his knuckles brushed along my legs. Once the material was high enough that I could lift my leg, I slid into the other seat and let him take control of the steering wheel.
Buckle up.” He smiled at me as he took the car off cruise control and hit the gas pedal.

Nichole Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Suddenly Royal, Flukes, The Dark Betrayal Trilogy, and several short stories. She is also the instructor of Say What? a dialogue class at the Romance Academy.

Nichole lives in Georgia with her husband, energetic daughter, superhero dog, Sulcata tortoise, and two cats. When not writing, you may find her reading, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises.

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